11 September 2014

Gold medals for our Sports Technology Master student

Masters student Kwangyul Jeong wins gold in the Victorian Kendo Championships at Footscray Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre.

Jeong, an international student from South Korea enrolled in the Master of Science International Sports Technology program is an experienced Dan Kendo athlete.

Recently, Jeong competed in the 32 nd Victorian Kendo Championships where he secured two gold medals in the Victoria Champion title of Men's Dan open individual and the Men's open team title. These championships aim to improve physical and mental skills and facilitate links between the Kendo clubs in Victoria.

Kendo is one of the most ancient martial arts forms in Japan meaning ‘the Way of the Sword’; a full contact fight using bamboo swords and protective armour.

For Jeong, Kendo has evolved from deadly sword combat of the Samurai era to a modern sport, while retaining respect of the opponent and the spirit inherent in its roots. “The objectives of Kendo practice are to train the body and mind, to build a strong soul, to strive relentlessly for improvement in the art of Kendo by tough, serious training; to respect human courtesy and honour; to mix with others in all sincerity; and always strive for personal accomplishment. The concept of Kendo is to discipline the mind by means of applying the principles of the sword.”

Jeong’s commitment to his Kendo practice is channelled into his research project which is focused on developing smart technology for Kendo training and performance analysis.

“Essentially, the technology is designed to test Kendo athletes – from novices to the elite – in relation to balance, weight distribution, sword grip pressure and to develop a performance index based on the evaluated data,” explains Jeong.

“It is anticipated that the research will deliver a feedback-based training and performance analysis tool for Kendo”.

For information, visit Master of Science (International Sport Technology).

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