22 February 2013

Living a dream - my life as an RMIT cheerleader

Jasmine Mina, championship RMIT cheerleader

Jasmine Mina, championship RMIT cheerleader.

When I came to Melbourne to study Marketing and Business at RMIT University, I expected that Uni life would be dry and very challenging because I’d be studying in a different language.

But I discovered that it is anything else but dry; I’ve met so many lovely people who showed me how to have fun while doing presentations or writing assignments. They made my time in Melbourne as enjoyable as possible. But the best and most unexpected thing I did was joining the RMIT dance pom (cheerleading) team.

I wanted to do sports in return for the many hours I spent at the library. I was dancing for many years in a typical German show dance group. But I’d never done pom before, as it is unknown in Germany. When I first joined the RMIT Toxic Pom Squad I could do neither the splits nor pirouettes or toe touches. But after three months of stretching I learned that you can achieve anything you want as long as you are willing to work hard for it.

We practiced for two hours, two times per week, and it was not always fun as my muscles were sore and I had to sacrifice a lot of my free time. But it was worth it and during that time I didn’t just stay fit and learn a lot about my body and my abilities, but I also met new friends. Everything paid off when we were competing at the State Championships in Victoria and at the National Championships in Sydney where we placed 3rd.

I haven’t even dreamed of going to championships and I only knew these competitions from American movies like Girls United. Therefore, it was like a dream or like I was lost in a movie. Initially I was just happy to be able to dance the routine, and then I was performing on stage in front of critical judges, surrounded by hundreds of excited cheerleaders and cheered by the audience!

I am more than happy that I joined the RMIT Toxic Pom Squad. It was a very special and unforgettable experience and I’ve had a great time with my team. I’m very thankful to my coach that she always encouraged me to work harder and to believe in myself. I’ll always remember the amazing time I’ve had in Melbourne at RMIT and with my pom team.


By Jasmine Mina, exchange student from Germany and member of the Cheerleading club in 2012.

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