Dr Heather Clarke


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School of Health and Biomedical Sciences

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Bundoora West campus


Science, Engineering and Health


B.Sc. (Hons, Physics), University of Bristol (United Kingdom), 1982

M.Sc. (Medical Physics), University of Surrey (United Kingdom), 1983

Ph.D. (Surgery), University of London - Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (United Kingdom), 1989.

Key activities

Teaching responsibilities

I have been teaching at RMIT since 1990, contributing to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Medical Radiations. My contributions to the first year physics were initially more extensive, undertaking the majority of the lectures and laboratory teaching and coordinating the course. My current contributions in this area are limited to the components relating to ultrasound physics and instrumentation, reflecting my current part-time status. I am solely responsible for the ultrasound physics and instrumentation teaching in the third year of the program, and in the graduate diploma. I co-ordinate both the ultrasound physics and instrumentation subjects in the Graduate Diploma Sonography, and assist with the co-ordination of this program.

Academic management / administration responsibilities

Contributions to Committee Activities at RMIT

RMIT University Committees:

  • RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee (alternate member for 3 years and member for 18 months)

Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences and Nursing Committees:

  • Faculty Research Committee (Member for 5 years)
  • Faculty Human Research Ethics Committee (Member for 6 years, Deputy Chair for 3 years, Chair for 18 months)
  • Faculty Committee on Scientific Writing (Member for 4 years)

Projects and consultancies

  • I have just completed preparation of a lecture course for GE Medical Systems, comprising twelve hours of lectures on Doppler Ultrasound.

Research interests

My research interests are primarily related to evaluation of ultrasound instrumentation, using phantoms, and to the investigation of venous disease and the aetiology of varicose veins. My thesis related to the latter, investigating the mechanical properties of vein walls, and I have supervised two PhD students working in this area.

Industry experience

Member of ASUM - the Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine.

Invited examiner of the physics oral examinations for the ASUM qualification in ultrasound - the DMU(Diploma in Medical Ultrasound)

Educational development work

The Graduate Diploma in Sonography was recently developed to replace the Graduate Diploma in Ultrasound. The new program is delivered on-line, and has been significantly restructured from the old program. I was involved in the development of the new program, particularly in the physics and instrumentation courses, which needed significant changes to accommodate many advances in technology.

More recently, I have just completed preparation of a lecture course for GE Medical Systems, comprising twelve hours of lectures on Doppler Ultrasound.

Research publications

Beckwith T., Clarke G.H., & Richardson G.A Correlation between Blood Flow Volume and Ultrasonic Doppler Wave Forms in the Study of Valve Efficiency.Phlebology 1991.

Clarke G.H.Venous Elasticity.Ph.D. Thesis. 1989.

Clarke G.H., Smith S.R.G., Vasdekis S.N., Hobbs J.T., & Nicolaides A.N.Role of venous Elasticity in the Development of Varicose Veins. British Journal of Surgery1989

Clarke G.H., Vasdekis S.N., Hobbs J.T., & Nicolaides A.N.Venous Wall Function in the Pathogenesis of Varicose veins.Surgery 1992

Patterson H., Clarke G.H., Lombardo P., & McKay W.J.Head Movement in Normal Subjects During Simulated Brain Imaging.Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology 1998

Vasdekis S.,Clarke G.H., Hobbs J.T. & Nicolaides A.N.Evaluation of Non-invasive and Invasive Methods in the assessment of Short Saphenous Vein Termination.British Journal of Surgery 1989.

Vasdekis S. Clarke G.H., & Nicolaides A.N.Quantification of Venous Reflux by Means of Duplex Scanning. Journal of Vascular Surgery 1989.

Presentations, include:

Beckwith T., Clarke G.H., & Richardson G.Competence by Venography; are all the questions answered?ASUM Annual Conference (Sydney), 1995.

Beckwith T., Clarke G.H., & Richardson G.Hyperbaric Effect of Contrast Media.AIR Seminar West Wyalong Hospital, New South Wales. 1996.

Clarke G.H.Colour Doppler Energy, Physics and Instrumentation. ASA Lecture Series, October 1995

Davis J.A., De Campo M. & Clarke G.H. Intra and Inter Observer Error in Measuring Renal Length in Children.(Received the Medical Applications Award for the best paper presented by a sonographer.)ASUM National Conference, Sydney.August 1995

Davis, G., Clarke G.H., & Watson D.The Use of High Resolution Ultrasound in the Detection of Intra Vascular Bubbles.ASA National Conference June 1995

Guy R.G., Clarke G.H., & Lombardo P.Application of Contrast Sensitivity Measurement to Assessment of Medical Ultrasound Systems.5th Far West Image Perception Conference, Rhode Island, USA, 1993.

Patterson H., Clarke G.H., Lombardo P., & McKay W.J.Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis and its Potential Role in Evaluating the Effect of Head Movement in Positron Emission Tomography of the Brain. Technologists Symposium ANZSNM ASM 1999

Sykes C. & Clarke G.H. Comparison of Colour Doppler Imaging Techniques: In vitro Assessment using a Clinically Modelled Doppler Flow Phantom. ASUM National Conference, Melbourne. September 1998.