Turnitin upgrade – Feedback studio

Turnitin Feedback Studio is now enabled by default for staff and students. This upgrade brings together the current features of Turnitin (OriginalityCheck and GradeMark) into a single, more intuitive and accessible, user environment.

Turnitin is an online text-matching service and grading tool, integrated into Blackboard, which supports a fully online e-Submission and e-Grading process for assessments.

  • OriginalityCheck provides text-matching functionality that can be used to support academic integrity and address plagiarism.
  • GradeMark enables instructors to grade student papers online by evaluating against qualitative or quantitative rubrics and adding comments and feedback, including written and audio feedback.
  • PeerMark is a peer review tool that enables instructors to create assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate papers submitted by their classmates.

RMIT’s approach to the use of Turnitin is one of promoting academic integrity in an educative context. This can be achieved by using Originality (Similarity) Check in conjunction with supporting practices and attitudes, such as correct referencing and citation styles, copyright management, and information literacy.

OriginalityCheck allows for any submitted assignments, of a supported file type, to be compared for originality against previous text submissions and other database content (webpages, online e-journals, etc). A report is generated identifying similarities between the submission and pre-existing material, allowing instructors and students to review the attribution and paraphrasing used throughout the assignment to see if any improvements are needed.

Assignments of any file type can be submitted using a Turnitin Assignment within Blackboard, all of which can be graded online using GradeMark. For supported file types, instructors can add comments within the body of the paper, highlight grammar and punctuation mistakes, evaluate the paper against qualitative or quantitative rubrics, assess the student’s performance within the class, and enter a letter grade for the assignment that is automatically saved into Blackboard GradeCentre. GradeMark also allows the instructor to record audio feedback on the assignment.

Turnitin for research staff

From Semester 2 2014, Turnitin will only be accessible via Blackboard; access to the stand-alone web version will be disabled. For Research staff without existing Blackboard course shells, please contact the IT service and support centre to arrange access via Blackboard.

Turnitin Feedback Studio iPad app

Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad allows instructors to grade student assignments on an iPad.

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