Completing a position analysis instruction

Instruction statement

For Professional Staff continuing and fixed term positions only


  • Academic and Vocational Education positions
  • Casual employment positions

Instruction steps and actions

  • Prior to completing the Position Analysis Form (DOC 288KB, 7p) please discuss changes to your position description with your manager and ensure they are agreed to. Your position description should then be updated to reflect the agreed changes to the position.
  • When completing the Position Analysis Form please be mindful that the people who will be reading and evaluating the position may not have a detailed knowledge of the position or the work area. It is important to ensure that everything in the document can be understood by an independent person.
  • Jargon should not be used and if abbreviations are used a glossary should be included.
  • Don't be guided too much by the space allowed on the form. The spaces shown are only an indication and will vary for all positions.
  • Please try to be succinct and to the point and use examples to highlight key points and support your comments.
  • The majority of the questions in the position analysis will be applicable, however, don't feel obligated to complete every question as not every one will be relevant to your position.
  • Once the position analysis form is completed please ensure you have the correct sign off before submitting to Human Resources.
  • Attach the updated position description to the completed form and a current organisational chart must also be included to give a clear understanding of where the position fits in the organisation.
  • Please refer to the Position title instruction to ensure the relevance of the existing title or a proposed change to title.

For further assistance with completing either the position description or position analysis, please contact:

1. HR Assist, or the Principal Advisor Remuneration - If the problem relates to the position analysis itself (or interpretation).

2. Your immediate supervisor - If the problem relates to the job itself.

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