17 December 2010

Bundoora campus staff address 17 December 2010

Question and answer session

Q. You mentioned that you have been in discussions with the Plenty Valley Cricket Club who are interested in utilising our playing fields for the season 2011-2012. What is the current state of their cricket pitch?

A. I understand that it is good, but the Plenty Valley Cricket Club are prepared to over-lay turf if it is not to be of a suitable standard. By inviting local clubs to use the grounds it may be possible to secure funding for facilities which staff and students could also use. An approach would be made to Whittlesea council for such support

Q. Can you elaborate on plans to increase student capacity in buildings 223 and 201?

A. In addition to a number of minor works for Building 201, level 9, will be developed as a chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceutical teaching laboratory, so it will service more students. This new laboratory will replace the biochemistry lab on level 2 of Building 223, which will become a multi-purpose laboratory providing increased capacity for research. Additional money is being sought to build a new module on building 223.

Q. Considering it is to become a multidisciplinary facility, how do you anticipate the Building 201 space will function practically?

A. A mulitfunctional support team will need to be established to support all teaching and work in these new spaces. Heads of Schools involved will need to consider such practicalities in their 2011 planning.

Q. What will happen to the former Student Services space in Building 202?

A. Now that the new Student Amenity Building, 204 is open providing spaces for student and club meetings and other student facilities, a little like a student union, the vacated space in 202 is under consideration. However without significant investment in infrastructure services such as cooling, etcetera for the building then this will remain as an open space.

Q. Will the facilities in the newly built lecture theatre be demonstrated to teaching staff?

A. There will be a major induction program for all staff in the use of the theatre.

Q. Could you elaborate on plans for student accommodation to be built at Bundoora?

A. The federal government has funding available for building student accommodation for which we have applied. If successful we will build student flats on campus or across Plenty Road (this is not yet decided) possibly in partnership with MAB or a similar group to accommodate up to 600 UGRD and PGRD students. Building would be phased over two years. These buildings will also allow accommodation for visiting fellows and academics.

Q. Where are the Building 209 Nursing TAFE students moving to?

A. Work is currently underway for a space which will be shared with Higher Ed Nursing. Two laboratories are currently being refitted for the School of Life and Physical Sciences and staff accommodation for School of Life and Physical Sciences staff is still being sorted out.

Q. Will the Pharmacy facility in Building 205 be ready in time for semester one, 2011?

A. By all reports, this work is on track to be completed on time and the laboratory is already available for booking on the central room booking system.

Q. What is the timeline for the consolidation of Student Services in Building 201?

A. This is still under discussion.

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