The Invergowrie Foundation Scholarships for Women in Science, Engineering and Health

These scholarships aim to provide educational opportunities to women aspiring to study in the science, engineering and health disciplines who have academic and professional leadership potential, but who might not otherwise participate in higher education for reasons of disadvantage in terms of access, social-economic background, or under representation in terms of equity criteria.


If you are a women commencing study in a science, engineering or health discipline and can demonstrate an equity background and academic potential then this scholarship could assist you financially with study and living expenses.

Value and duration

Each scholarship is valued at $3000 per annum for up to four year duration

Number of scholarships available

Up to three scholarships for associate degree and undergraduate students.


To be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • be female
  • be an Australian Citizens or hold a Australian Permanent Resident Visa or Humanitarian Visa and have been a resident of Victoria for at least two years
  • be enrolled to commence full-time study in an associate degree or undergraduate degree program in College of Science, Engineering or Health at RMIT University
  • not already have a degree of equal or higher standing than the degree you are enrolled to commence at RMIT
  • demonstrate disadvantage in terms of access or underrepresentation in higher education and/or in terms of equity criteria as listed in the selection criteria below
  • demonstrate a commitment to participate actively in recognised RMIT student leadership activities or equivalent community based leadership activities.


Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate academic and professionalleadership potential and fit into one or more of the following groups:

  • From socio-economically disadvantaged background
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Have a disability, long-term illness or long-term medical condition
  • From a rural and/or isolated area (having relocated from more than 75 kms)
  • From a RMIT SNAP school or disadvantaged school as defined by DEECD
  • Enrolled in an RMIT program where women students are under-represented (Engineering, Maths or Computer Science & IT)
  • Commencing higher education for the first time as an adult (25 years or older)

Please refer to the Supporting Documentation – Financial and Education Disadvantage Guide (PDF 220kb, 2p) for information on supporting documentation required.

The selection panel will include at least one representative from The Invergowrie Foundation and one from RMIT University College of Science, Engineering and Health

How to apply

It is anticipated that the next offering of this scholarship will be for the 2017 academic year.

Open and close date

To be advised.

Terms and conditions

Scholarship recipients’ ongoing eligibility will be reviewed at census (31 Marchand 31 August) each year. Payment of scholarship funds will be $1500 post census. Successful applicants must:

  • provide a one page written report at the end of each calendar year outlining their academic and leadership activities
  • maintain satisfactory academic performance* in line with established RMIT academic performance definitions (PDF 16kb, 1p)
  • recipients will maintain a minimum of equivalent full-time enrolment (36 credit points) at all times
  • the scholarship may be withdrawn if a recipient changes programs. The scholarship is not transferrable to any program outside the RMIT University College of Science Engineering and Health
  • recipients who complete an associate degree in minimum time and who immediately articulate into a bachelors degree in the RMIT University College of Science Engineering and Health may apply for their scholarship to be extended up to an additional 2 years (the total duration of the scholarship will not exceed four years)

*Consequence of unsatisfactory academic performance (UAP):

  • on the first occurrence of UAP the recipients scholarship will be suspended for one semester
  • the second occurrence of UAP will result in the forfeiture of the following semesters scholarship payment
  • a third occurrence of UAP will mean the immediate cancellation of the scholarship

Further information

The Invergowrie Foundation is a public charitable trust whose primary focus is to promote and advance the education of girls and women in Victoria. The Foundation provides grants to support the following goals:

  • the development of programs to provide opportunities for girls and women who may not otherwise have access to such programs
  • the promotion of the pursuit of excellence by girls and women in the State of Victoria
  • the promotion of opportunities for leadership in girls and women

The Invergowrie Foundation has supported female RMIT students by offering scholarships and prizes since the late 1990s and since 2006 have offered scholarships for women commencing undergraduate degrees in the College of Science, Engineering and Health

In 2013 the The Invergowrie Scholarship for Women was extended to include female students commencing associate degrees in the College of Science, Engineering and Health

Read how the Invergowrie Foundation scholarship made a real difference (PDF 89kb) for three College of Science, Engineering and Health students.


Mr Rick Ryan
College of Science, Engineering and Health

Previous recipients




Full scholarship:

  • Dogannur Gunduz - Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Laboratory Medicine)
  • Student - Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) / Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Pharmaceutical Science)

Half scholarship:

  • Elani Paxinos - Bachelor of Engineering (Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronics) / Bachelor of Business (International Business)
  • Melissa Vo - Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering)

Encouragement Award:

  • Stephanie Kelley - Associate Degree in Engineering Technology (Mechanical)


Scholarship not offered


Full scholarship:

  • Batra Sean - Bachelor of Nursing
  • Lauren Friend - Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Infrastructure Engineering) / Bachelor of Business (Management)
  • Jessica Coster - Bachelor of Nursing

Encouragement Award:

  • Melissa Morrish - Bachelor of Applied Science (Disability)
  • Kate Heaton-Harris - Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) / Bachelor Applied Science (Human Biology)
  • Susan Luc - Bachelor of Applied Science (Pharmaceutical Science)


Full scholarship:

  • Johanna Burton - Bachelor of Environmental Science / Bachelor of Social Science (Environment)
  • Stefanie Van Elmpt - Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure Engineering) / Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
  • Omni Ioannou - Bachelor of Environmental Science / Bachelor of Social Science (Environment)

Encouragement Award:

  • Meagan Bailey - Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)


Full scholarship:

  • Charlotte Walker - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Karen McAlear - Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)
  • Jayne Arthur - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

Encouragement Award:

  • Emmily Johnston - Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic)
  • Jessica Johnston - Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) / Bachelor Applied Science (Human Biology)


Full scholarship:

  • Adriana Zeka - (Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure Engineering)
  • Alexandra Irwin - Bachelor of Science (Physics)
  • Elyssa Iona - Bachelor of Science (Scientific Photography)
  • Lydia Vanikiotis - Bachelor of Science (Consumer Science)

Encouragement Award:

  • Jennifer Fernandes - Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure Engineering)


Scholarship not offered


Eleven students from RMIT University Faculty of Engineering