Graduate attributes

Background and context

Graduate attributes represent a broad set of generic skills and attributes which RMIT expects that graduates will acquire to an appropriate level and will be able to demonstrate, whatever their program of study. They link to program learning outcomes, employability skills and accreditation requirements. Graduate attributes warrant to key stakeholders such as employers and others that our graduates have attained a key set of generic and transferable skills that will prepare them for work and life as professionals.

They link to program and course learning outcomes, learning and teaching activities and to assessment.

The RMIT graduate attributes are a uniting principle in the learning and teaching strategy, serving to bring together a number of key initiatives, including:

  • work integrated learning and employability
  • education for sustainability
  • internationalisation
  • indigenous program development
  • career development learning (CDL).

The alignment of learning outcomes with learning and teaching and assessment approaches ensures that graduates’ acquisition of these key skills can be evidenced.