Academic dress procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to define the RMIT academic dress and indicate the occasions on which academic dress should be worn.


This procedure shall apply to RMIT staff and graduates on all RMIT official occasions involving the wearing of academic dress.


Academic dress will be worn at University ceremonies for the conferring of degrees and diplomas and on such other occasions as may be determined by Council. On such occasions academic dress will be worn by members of Council, staff and students who participate in the ceremony or processions.

University dress shall be worn by graduates of the university and by the Chancellor and Members of Council.

Academic dress of other institutions may be worn by graduates of those institutions.

Non-graduates participating in academic ceremonies will wear plain black gowns and black cloth trencher caps.

Determination of correct academic dress

Academic dress for graduating students will be determined according to the discipline of their award as approved by RMIT Council.

Staff will be responsible for providing their own academic dress appropriate to their degree. However, the Awards Unit, Student Information Services Branch, will provide, on loan for the duration of the ceremony, the RMIT academic dress which corresponds most nearly to the staff member's degree.

Where there is no similar RMIT degree, appropriate academic dress may be borrowed by RMIT from elsewhere.

Supply/hire of academic dress for conferring ceremonies and other official RMIT ceremonies

RMIT academic dress will be supplied without charge to the following participants in University ceremonies who do not have their own academic dress:

  • members of Council and staff and graduates participating in ceremonies of the University ;
  • representatives of RMIT Union, Student Union Council, the RMIT Postgraduate Association, and official representatives of other institutions or external bodies who are formally invited to participate in the ceremony.

Graduands attending and receiving awards at conferring ceremonies may hire, for the fee prescribed in the Schedule of Fees, academic dress appropriate to the award conferred. The process and cost for hiring academic dress will be advised to graduands with conferring ceremony details.

Supply/hire of academic dress for occasions other than official University ceremonies

Academic dress is available from the Awards Branch as follows:

(a) Without charge, to members of Council and staff who are required to represent the University at external ceremonies or other approved occasions

(b) On payment of prescribed hiring charges and security deposit to

(i) graduates, staff, and members of Council who require dress, appropriate to the award held, to attend external ceremonies on their own initiative, or for other valid reasons

(ii) external bodies who require the use of common items of dress to augment their own stocks for specific ceremonial occasions

Applications for the use of academic dress should be made to the Awards Unit in writing or by completion of the appropriate form available from the Awards Unit.

Official supplier of academic dress

The official supplier of academic dress to the University is:

P. Blashki and Sons Pty.Ltd.
12/5 Kelletts Road
Rowville, Victoria 3178
Phone: (03) 5482 4788

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