Employability and enterprise skills

Enhance employability and enterprise skills by embedding opportunities throughout the student experience from day one.

“At RMIT our goal is to provide every student with the tools they need to succeed in life and work.”

Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean (26 November 2015)

RMIT’s Strategic Plan, Ready for Life and Work sets out to create transformative experiences for our students, getting them ready for life and work, and helping to shape the world with research, innovation, teaching and engagement.

Employability skills ensure graduates stand out to prospective employers in a competitive marketplace. Along with technical understanding and subject knowledge, employers now demand transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, initiative, organisation, and proficiency with digital technologies.

Enterprise skills are also highly valuable as they enable graduates to create new ventures and seize business opportunities, or be a substantial contributor to an enterprise as an employee. An enterprising mind-set includes a mix of creative, entrepreneurial, leadership and problem-solving skills.

Staff can support students in developing their employability and enterprise skills by promoting and delivering targeted activities in programs and courses in alignment with discipline knowledge and in collaboration with industry.

Resources for your students

Connect your students with services and information that will enhance their employability and enterprise skills.

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Employability in the curriculum

The integration of employability and enterprise skills at the core of the student experience will enhance employment prospects for all students.

Building industry connections

Your connections with industry, employers and alumni are essential links to the future careers of your students.

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Support for staff

Get advice, find training opportunities and join the conversation to support the development of student employability and enterprise skills.