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The focus of this conference: New students, new learning: new challenges? reflects the changing nature of learners and ways of learning:

  • Our student cohorts are increasingly diverse, requiring inclusive practices and a greater attention to transition.
  • Students are now more technologically savvy, as indeed teachers/lecturers are expected to be, with new modes of learning and technology-driven teaching spaces.
  • English language is back on the agenda with the TEQSA focus, and there are complexities around addressing English and maths support through an academic literacies approach.

But are these really new challenges for us?

To encourage more talking and less listening, we’re changing one of the thematic streams to a series of collaboration spaces where provocative statements generated by students and AALL staff will be discussed and potential research and networking opportunities explored.

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The Association for Academic Language and Learning aims to provide a forum for professional development, networking, and information that represents academic language and learning educators working in higher and further education institutions. In existence since 2005, AALL is committed to promoting and providing academic language and learning development through policies, practices and research that build, enhance and extend teaching and learning opportunities for all students and staff in all higher and further education settings. For further information on AALL please visit the AALL website.

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