Evidence of student eligibility for a government subsidised place in a vocational education program instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction provides guidance to University staff when assessing applicant eligibility for government subsidised places in specified vocational education programs pursuant to the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG).


  • All higher education applicants
  • Vocational education applicants enrolling into a full-fee place only
  • International students

Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key points)



Currency of information in this instruction

1. The Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) was introduced by the Victorian state government in 2009 and sets out the criteria that students must meet in order to be eligible for a government-subsidised place in a vocational education program.

2. This instruction summarises the process for staff to follow when assessing student eligibility for government-subsidised places in vocational education programs.

3. These processes are governed by the VTG and as such are subject to change. Check the following websites to ensure that you are relying upon current information:



Authority to assess student eligibility

4. In order to assess student eligibility, you must:

    a. Complete the “Evidence of student eligibility” training held by Enrolment and Student Records; and

    b. Be granted delegated authority from Enrolment and Student Records to assess student eligibility.

Detailed information regarding the government rules about student eligibility is provided in the training.

ESE assessor

Prior to assessing any student eligibility


5. For each vocational education program for which an applicant is seeking a government-subsidised place, applicants are required to complete a declaration of evidence of eligibility, using the prescribed form, and produce acceptable documentation to establish eligibility.


Prior to enrolment

Students enrolling into a sequenced VE program

6. When a student progresses into the next level of a sequenced VE program they are required to complete a VTG and ESE assessment for the new program.

7. The ARG will send enrolment notification to advise the student of this requirement.

Enrolment and Student Records, ARG

8. Where an applicant submits a hard-copy form, you must sight hard-copy evidence of their eligibility.

9. Where an applicant submits the form online, the evidence of eligibility can be verified by an approved document verification service.

ESE assessor

Prior to enrolment

Assessment of student eligibility for a government-subsidised place

10. Applicants can complete this process at an enrolment supported venue, School, The Hub, or online.

11. Where an applicant is ‘Quick Admitted’ the School/College is required to complete the VTG assessment using the online VTG Eligibility Calculator before submitting a Quick Admit and/or enrolment request for processing by the Academic Registrars Group. Where the applicant is assessed as ineligible for government funding, the staff member should discuss alternative options with the applicant (e.g. full fee place, deferment, VET FEE HELP, discontinuation). The form should be retained and forwarded to Enrolment and Student Records.

12. In these circumstances, the ESE checklist should not be completed in SAMS until a fund source change has occurred. A request to update the record based on the outcome of the discussion with the applicant should be sent through to Enrolment and Student Records.

13. A record of the assessment and documentation provided by the student is recorded in SAMS for both eligible and ineligible assessments by ARG staff.

14. Where the applicant is assessed as eligible for government funding, the record of assessment is recorded in SAMS by ARG staff and the applicant can enrol.

Applicants & RMIT staff members with delegated authority

Prior to enrolment

Program transitions

15. Where a student is enrolling into a recognised government program transition, evidence of student may not be required.

16. Consult Enrolment and Student Records to confirm whether an assessment is required.

RMIT staff members with delegated authority

Prior to enrolment

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