RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

72. Leave to accompany a spouse in travel


Where an employee's spouse is employed at the University and the spouse is to travel whilst on long service leave or as part of a Staff Development Program or professional staff training or the spouse is required by the University to travel, the employee will be entitled to leave without pay to accompany the spouse of the employee provided that:

(a) the spouse is to travel overseas;

(b) leave will be granted only for the period to be spent by the spouse in traveling;

(c) leave will be granted on two occasions only subject to the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor to grant further leave;

(d) such leave will take effect only, after the employee's accrued long service leave and annual leave credits have been exhausted;

(e) satisfactory evidence that the spouse is to travel overseas, together with the period and purpose of overseas travel, is submitted.


For the purpose of this clause a person with whom the employee has an established defacto relationship will be regarded as the spouse of the employee. A statutory declaration that there has been at least one year's association will be adequate to support a claim that there is an established defacto relationship.

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