Echo360 Personal Capture

The Echo360 Personal Capture (Echo360) is a simple tool that enables you to create videos for use in your teaching.

Echo360 Personal Capture records webcam video and audio as well as live desktop screen capture. By allowing simultaneous recording of webcam video, audio and desktop screen capture, it is easy to create tutorials, lectures and video answers to questions. Echo360 works on any desktop computer or laptop and can be used at anytime, anywhere.

Recordings, or captures, are published to the Echo360 server and made available to students via the EchoCentre link within Blackboard courses. Captures provide an easy way to distribute content to students in a reusable format that students can view in their own time, take notes, pause and re-watch.

The flexibility of Echo360 personal capture provides opportunities for teaching activities such as:

  • ‘Just in time’ material and tutorials
  • Short messages, e.g. welcome to a course
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Weekly summaries of key messages and preparation for the coming week
  • Guest speaker captures
  • Screen capture explaining specialised software
  • Learning modules to supplement complex concepts, e.g. summarise complex concepts in ways that are engaging for students, that could replace pages of text
  • To aid in “flipping the classroom” learning and teaching models
  • Mini lectures produced weekly to augment (or replace) face-to-face lectures
  • Captures lectures in non-lecture capture enabled teaching spaces

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