Careers that work

Develop and prepare for your career while you study

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Three-day intensive elective focusing on your future career.

Over three days you will gain essential information and practical skills to guide your career development. Students develop skills in job search strategies including resume writing, interview techniques and networking.

This course helps you reflect on your career development and make decisions for the future including applying for internships, graduate programs, and full-time and part-time jobs during and after your studies.

You are assessed on class attendance, in-class assessments and assignments.

Benefits of intensive study

  • Studying an intensive elective is a great way to speed up your degree completion date.
  • You will study with students from across the university as the elective is open to all undergraduate students at any level.

Dates and enrolment

28, 30 November and 1 December – Careers That Work

30 January, 1&3 February 2017 – More information, Michael Hastings

Enrol as a continuing student

Testimonials from graduates of the elective:

  • "More eye opening than I thought it would be"
  • "I was actually struggling to apply myself to my career but this course gives you a very practical strategy to get a job"
  • "It really assisted in discovering where I'm at with my career choices. Helped me discover more about myself and my job potential, understanding importance of self-assessment and how to prepare a resume in order to successfully get a job."
  • "Better than I expected due to the relevance to the real world"