10 September 2015

Ten dollar massage #MakeLifeBetterIn3words

Whether you consider massages to be a self-indulgent luxury or a valuable treatment for aching muscles, a massage can do wonders for your being.

Fortunately, with the University offering massage therapy practice as a study option, you have access to super discounted massages. From 4 September, RMIT’s Myotheraphy Clinic is giving you the opportunity to experience the benefits of massage.

You can choose from:

  • a one hour relaxation and remedial massage for just $10.
  • a one hour myotherapy sessions for just $15.

Massage therapy isn't just a way to relax, it's also a way to alleviate muscle soreness after exercise and improve blood flow. Massage can also help you achieve deeper sleep. According to research from Miami University's Touch Research Institute, the calming effects of a massage can help you spend more time in deep sleep, the restorative stage in which your body barely moves. What’s more, massage can also make you more alert. At least one study has linked massage to better brainpower. In a 1996 study, a group of adults completed a series of math problems faster and with more accuracy after a 15-minute chair massage than a group of adults who were told to just sit in a chair and relax during those 15 minutes.

Get a natural boost to your day by booking in a massage today. Not only will you experience the benefits of massage, but you’ll also be helping a fellow RMIT student reach the 200 contact hours they require to complete their qualifications. It’s a win-win! Feel relaxed while doing a good deed.

To book a massage or for more information, go to Myotherapy teaching clinic.

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