RMIT Award for Research Impact - ECR (in the categories of Technology, Design, or Enterprise)

The RMIT Award for Research Impact - Early Career Researcher (ECR) recognises the RMIT early career academic whose research has achieved considerable impact outside the academic community.


The RMIT Award for Research Impact – ECR (Early Career Researcher ) recognises the RMIT early career researchers whose research has achieved considerable impact outside the academic community. The definition of impact for this award includes the demonstrable contribution that research makes to the economy, society, culture, national security, public policy or services, health, the environment, or quality of life, beyond contributions to academia.

This award is offered in three categories, Technology, Design and Enterprise. The nominee will have to identify the defining feature of their research and provide evidence to show which category of Technology , Design, or Enterprise the research fits into.

Category guidance:

Research in the Technology category can relate to:

  • Creation of technology and/or
  • Development/improvement of technology and/or
  • Innovative use of technology

Research in the Design category can relate to research producing:

  • A product or creative work and/or
  • A framework or structure and/or
  • A process

Research in the Enterprise category can relate to:

  • Research which involves industry engagement and/or
  • A contribution to productivity, efficiency or well-being

Vice-Chancellor Selection of award recipients is by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation based on recommendations of the Awards Panel. The Award will be made annually and be presented at the RMIT Research Awards ceremony.


Those eligible for nomination are:

  • research-active academic staff with a substantive RMIT appointment, normally 0.4 FTE or above, for a minimum of 2 years
  • researchers who have been awarded a PhD within the last five years, or longer if combined with periods of significant career interruption.

Winners are not normally eligible again following receipt of this award.

Nomination and documentation

The Award is open to all ECRstaff. Staff may self-nominate or be nominated by a person from within the nominees academic unit. Nominations must include two statements of endorsement. One statement of endorsement must be made by a RMIT academic from within their College but the second may be either a RMIT academic or an external person who is familiar with the nominee’s field of research and achievements and who can comment on the nominee’s performance against the selection criteria. Please refer to the nomination forms for details.

The nomination form may be downloaded here.

Selection criteria

The Awards Panel will consider the track record and performance of the nominee, in the last three years, as indicated by but not limited to:

  • Evidence of the impact that this research has created or has the potential to create  and an end user benefit in terms of economic, environmental and social outcomes.
  • Underpinning research – provide details about the underlying research that has generated this impact
  • Sources to corroborate the impact – list sources that will provide evidence of the research impact.

Nominees should be aware that the Awards Panel will use information in ResearchMaster to validate evidence provided in nominations.

Value of the award

The RMIT Award for Research Impact – Early Career Researcher will comprise:

  1. A cash prize of $3,000 paid into the research account of the awardee, to advance and support Research supervision practice, scholarship and research
  2. A certificate signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (R&I).
  3. A permanent record of the award on an appropriate webpage (Honour Board) of the University
  4. Commemorative trophy.