The Science, Engineering and Health (SEH) Governance Unit conducts elections to a number of academic committees, including:

* The University Secretariat also conducts elections for representatives to Academic Board (for example, representatives of the University professoriate).

  1. The SEH ADC elections are held online, usually in September – October in the year prior to commencement of the new membership term (usually January). Student members are elected on an annual basis and staff members will be elected at designated intervals.
  2. The AWMC elections are held usually during February and March for term 1 April to 31 March.

Conduct of College elections

These elections will be conducted in accordance with the RMIT University Elections Regulations.

Whenever an election is to be held, a notice of election is sent to the relevant electorate advising the positions vacant and calling for nominations.

Where the number of nominations for a vacancy exceeds the number of positions to be filled, a ballot will be held.

All correspondence to members of the electorate will be sent to their RMIT email accounts.

Please address election enquiries to seh-secretariat@rmit.edu.au.


For assistance with the electronic nomination and voting system, please contact the IT Service Desk via myTechSupport online or via telephone: +61 3 9925 8888.

Matters concerning the electoral process and applications for inclusion within an electoral roll should be directed to the Returning Officer via seh-secretariat@rmit.edu.au.