Course management

The ways in which online tools are used to distribute teaching material, facilitate communication and manage assessments can impact upon students' experience of a course.

Blackboard is the primary online teaching tool at RMIT, with a site automatically created for all courses.

Every course at RMIT has a course guide, which is an important document for managing students' expectations and establishing the requirements for successful completion. These are managed by course coordinators via an online editing system.

Good practice


  • Provide a clear structure to your Blackboard site. Create folders for each week/session or topic/module, and load all related materials/activities in the appropriate folder to keep students on-track.
  • Post an announcement to Blackboard outlining how you intend to engage with students – the frequency with which you intend to participate in discussion boards, your expected response time to messages, when/how you can be contacted for consultation, etc.
  • Use groups to manage large student cohorts within a Blackboard site – particularly for discussions, collaborative activities and assessment marking.
  • Use the Grade Centre to manage/communicate all assessments, tests, marking and formal feedback.



All courses at RMIT are automatically provided with a Blackboard site, which can be structured to ensure that information and activities are easy to find and that students' expectations are well managed.

Course guide editing system

This system is used to create and maintain the two-part guide that sets out the detail for every course at RMIT.