Library Code of Conduct

RMIT University Library directly contributes to the teaching, learning and research programs of the University and provides facilities, services and resources for these core activities. You can expect to have a clean, healthy environment that is conducive to teaching, learning and research.
We encourage you to accept responsibility for the appropriate care of the facilities, services and resources in a way that ensures fair access by the RMIT Community to the Library and its resources.

We ask you not to:

  1. damage, deface or remove without authorisation any Library facility or property
  2. eat or drink in the Library, except in designated areas
  3. leave litter in the Library, except in rubbish bins
  4. behave in a way that creates an unpleasant or unhealthy environment
  5. improperly use computer facilities, e.g. displaying obscenities and hacking
  6. display any poster or notice in the Library
  7. smoke in the Library

We ask you to:

  1. return Library materials by the due date or penalties may apply
  2. leave the Library when requested at closing time and during emergency procedures
  3. comply with state and federal legislation
  4. observe publicised licence conditions for online resources
  5. be silent in silent study areas
  6. be quiet in designated quiet areas, apart from proper communication with Library staff and except in places designated as group study areas where quiet conversation is permitted
  7. use your mobile phone responsibly and to be considerate of others

Behaviour that disrupts learning and research activities in the Library is unacceptable


  1. Library staff and security staff have the right to inspect equipment, folders, containers or property intended to be taken out of the Library by any person leaving the Library.
  2. Antisocial activities including harassment of others will not be tolerated.
  3. Library computer equipment is intended to facilitate access to information for the purposes of teaching, learning or research. Refer to Acceptable use of information and communication technology standard.

Consequences of breaching the Code of Conduct

  1. Library staff may request inspection of your student ID card and ask you to leave. Library staff may refuse any person access to the Library. Student Conduct Regulations
  2. If you damage or deface any Library facility or property you shall pay the cost of repair or replacement. If the item is Library material or Library equipment, a processing charge shall be charged in accordance with RMIT Approved schedule of fees and charges (past and current).
  3. Disciplinary action may be taken in accordance with the provisions of University’s Statutory Regulations against any person who persists in contravening or failing to comply with this Code of Conduct. RMIT Statute No. 1 (Amendment No. 1);

Deirdre Gillespie, Associate Director, Library Services
August 2008

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