07 May 2013

Be a voice at the Model Global Parliament

“There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government” - Albert Einstein.

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Model Global Parliament




Parliament House, Melbourne.

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Model Global Parliament (MGP) is a democratically constituted global forum where both geopolitical regions and existing globally significant non-governmental networks work together to identify global problems and seek practical and attainable solutions.

Fifty percent of delegates will represent the geographical regions of the world. The other half will represent non-state actors (eg. UN Global Compact, Global Science, Innovation Advisory Council etc). This gives everyday citizens, like yourself, a voice in how we are to address global problems, as well as the potential to bring to the table more creative solutions to such problems, rather than reverting to measures such as war.

University students of all degrees and backgrounds are invited to participate in this free event.

Applications close Friday 10 May.
(selected participants will be notified 13 May)

For more information and to register visit Model Global Parliament.

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