Information for students

It is important that students are fully informed about the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activity. This helps them to meet the necessary requirements and consider issues or concerns before the activity starts.

The following information should be provided to students before they start the WIL activity. Visit Preparing for WIL for more comprehensive information.

Student roles and responsibilities

These include:

  • purpose and aims of the activity
  • assessment requirements
  • complaints procedures
  • managing difficulties
  • following and meeting partner organisation requirements
  • following OH&S procedures and being safe on the activity
  • and if required, sourcing their own WIL activity.

Non-academic requirements

Non-academic requirements include:

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Partner organisation’s roles and responsibilities

These include:

  • emergency and OH&S advice
  • non-monetary benefits
  • pay (if applicable)
  • induction and supervision of students

Activity location, dates and contact details

Provide students with the following activity location, key dates and contact details:

  • name and contact details of the WIL supervisor
  • name and contact details of the workplace supervisor/mentor
  • WIL activity address (if off-campus)
  • dates of WIL activity and required time commitment
  • pay (if applicable)
  • information on additional support at RMIT.

Other considerations

Other information to consider providing to students includes:


Partner organisations will discuss the details of internships directly with students prior to commencing. Generally speaking, RMIT Vietnam provides the expected minimum time commitment and the partners provide the start and end dates. Where a partner does not provide OH&S information, please contact the Vietnam Career Centre for further information.