Ms Rania Zain


Learning & Teaching Support Coordinator

School /
Work Unit

School of Science

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 3846


Building: 008
Level: 09
Room: 006

City campus


Science, Engineering and Health

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Position Summary

This position will provide timely and efficient support and advice to academic staff in leadership roles within the school including program and course coordinators.

Working closely with the Advisor (Teaching & Research) and in consultation with the school manager, this position will be responsible for ensuring that all Aspects of School timetabling and student lifecycle run smoothly and efficiently. This position will also be responsible for ensuring that academic staff meet deadlines, are informed about changes in policy or procedures and will be the school liaison between the academic staff and College for a number of functions. This position also acts as the students’ complaints officer and must act on and resolve these complaints in a timely manner.

As Advisor (Academic Services), this position must keep up to date with all the policies and procedures relating to this role and attend network meetings in order to obtain and share information. This position is a major contributor to the administrative team within the school where teamwork and information sharing are essential.


  • Act as the Student Complaints officer to resolve all student issues. This includes interpreting and advising students of policies and procedures relating to each individual complaint and liaising with school Executive staff regarding fee waivers.
  • Manage the School timetabling process in a timely and efficient manner including timetabling, class scheduling and use of the student timetabling system. This involves liaising and negotiating with Academic & Administrative Staff both internal & external to the school.
  • Coordinate student lifecycle functions including but not limited to Enrolment, Credit Transfers, Exams, Results, and Graduation. This includes updating knowledge of all related systems and processes and to be able to advise academic staff of system use and any changes in policy or procedures.
  • Coordinate the survey administration of all courses and programs within the school. This includes managing the scheduling and implementation of the surveys to ensure that all courses and programs are surveyed each year.
  • Provide committee support for internal committees within the school and represent the school at university network meetings related to this role. This includes reporting back to the school on any changes in RMIT policy and procedures ensuring information provided is clear, current and accurate and also following up any action items in school meetings.
  • Develop and maintain school procedures relating to this role and continually assess administrative activities to suggest and develop improved and efficient processes. This includes updating school websites relating to Academic Services.
  • Maintain databases relating to this role and produce reports as required by the school executive team. This includes acting as the college liaison, collecting and reporting back data to the college on behalf of the school.
  • Other duties within the scope of this classification as directed by the School Manager.