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Building: 080
Level: 11
Room: 048

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  • Bachelor of Economics (Monash)
  • Diploma of Education (Melbourne)
  • Master of Economics (UNE)


CV (summary)


PERIOD: July 1999 - Present ORGANISATION RMIT University.

Lecturer, School of Accounting & Law

Main Responsibilities

  • Off-shore Progra Manager for the Master of Professional Accounting Program.
  • Co-ordinator and Lecturer in Charge for three courses in the Master of Professional Accounting Progam.

Major Achievements

The success of Master of Professional Accounting Program. Enrolments now number over 150 students.

PERIOD: February 1995 - June 1999 ORGANISATION Myer Grace Bros.

Strategic Consultant, New Business Development (July 1998 - June 1999)

Main Responsibilities

Critically reviewed the written business plans of MGB retail businesses to verify consistency with the overall strategic direction of the company.Prepared written reports of these reviews.In conjunction with New Business Development Manager built, developed and documented a strategic business plan for a number of new retail concepts.Assisted with the process of communicating and implementing the plan throughout the organisation.

Major Achievements

Completion of written Business Plan consistent with strategic direction of company.

Provided guidance and assistance with the implementation of the Plan.

Manager, Market Analysis and Research, Marketing Division (August 1995 - June 1998)

Manager, Planning Projects, Strategy and Development Division, (February 1995 - August 1995)

Main Responsibilities

Developed and prioritised research activities consistent with the strategic plan.Co-ordinate the strategic market information gathering and distribution process. Provided input into the strategic planning process and research plans for the twelve businesses operated by MGB. Allocated and managed the research budget of $1.2M. Lead a team responsible for the provision and communication of external market information and research to the twelve businesses.Negotiated with all external providers of research and market information.Wrote research briefs, assisted with selecting appropriate methodologies, prepared questionnaires, supervised projects and communicated results.

Major Achievements

Provided research information and advice for the development and implementation of a market driven and customer focused strategy. Provided guidance and assistance with its interpretation.

Developed the plan for and implemented, an Integrated Marketing Information System used to provide comprehensive market information at a commodity level.

Led the development of a commodity based computer model used to predict sales at nominated retail sites.

Introduced advertising tracking and testing procedures and devised (jointly) a new methodology for objectively testing television commercials.

Responsible for significant changes to a large annual omnibus study which now reports retail using similar commodity definitions to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Directed the professional and skill development of a number of individuals in the Research and Strategy areas.

PERIOD: July 1989 - February 1995 ORGANISATION Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Offshore Projects Manager, International Programs Office, RMIT(July 1994 - February 1995)

Main Responsibilities

Responsible for directing RMIT staff through the internal and external requirements for the development of new programs in overseas countries.Negotiated contracts and communicated with potential and existing overseas partners.Undertook and/or supervised research into potential projects.

Major Achievements

Directed the establishment of new offshore programs in Japan, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Established a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure quality control measures for all current and proposed RMIT Offshore projects.

Promoted the concept and initiated the development of Offshore Programs amongst RMIT Faculties and Departments.

Program Director, Metropolitan College Program, (Part Time) Faculty of Business, RMIT, (December 1992 - July 1994)

Assistant Program Director Metropolitan College Program, (Part Time) Faculty of Business, RMIT, (January 1992 - December 1992)

Main Responsibilities

Directed the quality of delivery and administration of three RMIT business degree streams to over 600 students at Metropolitan College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Strategic, financial and administrative management of the program.Established and maintained the most efficient and effective methods of program delivery.Supervised administrative staff involved with the program.Prepared financial and management reports.

Major Achievements

Development and enhancements to the program.Growth in student numbers from250 to 600.

Determined and implemented course and management changes consistent with Malaysian cultural, economic and business conditions.

Team leader for the development of a Vocational Skills Course for Malaysian students.

Established working relationships with relevant Malaysian government, educational and professional bodies.

Lecturer, Faculty of Business (July 1989 - July 1994)

Main Responsibilities

  • For subjects starred (*) I was lecturer in charge/joint lecturer in charge.
  • International Accounting, Masters subject (*)
  • Issues in Accounting Practice, Masters subject (*)
  • General Accounting A & B, Undergraduate (*)
  • Principles of Accounting, Undergraduate
  • Managerial Accounting, Undergraduate
  • Accounting for Business Decisions, Undergraduate
  • Information Technology in Accountancy

Major Achievements

  • Completion of a Masters Degree in Economics.
  • Presentation of research findings at a number of international conferences.
  • Publication of an article in a refereed academic journal.
  • Introduction of Computer Technology into the Undergraduate course.
  • Introduction(jointly) of International Accounting into curriculum.

Key activities

Teaching/Work responsibilities

  • Co-ordinator and Lecturer in three courses from the Master of Professional Accounting program: Accounting for Business Decisions, Introduction to Financial & Management Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting.

Research Interests

  • Strategic marketing and market modeling
  • International business and international business education
  • Retail & small business management
  • Decision making value of financial information

Industry experience

Research Projects, Consultancy and Student Project

1. Myer Grace Bros. Womenswear Research: A Study of the attitudes and buying attributes and store preferences of women aged 25 –65. Melbourne & Sydney 1997.This involved a sample group of 1000 women who were asked to fill in a very detailed questionnaire at home and return.Done in conjunction with Roy Morgan Research.I was responsible for writing the brief and leading the development of the project including the questionnaire.

2. Myer Grace Bros. Menswear Research:1998. Basic objective as per Womenswear Research, however Focus Group work and examination of previous research in Australia & overseas revealed the need for a different questionnaire.

3. Myer Grace Bros. Brand Research 1995, A study to determine the marketing strength of the Grace Bros. brand in the Sydney market place and the Myer brand in the Melbourne market place. This involved a sample group of 240 people working through the research questionnaire in a series of workshops.

4. Myer Grace Bros. Cosmetics Research, 1996, Customer attributes, buying habits and store preferences for women’s cosmetics.This involved a sample survey of 500 women in a face to face interview situation.Questionnaires were prepared based upon previous research and focus group results.

5. Myer Grace Bros. Numerous market surveys aimed at determining the market potential for existing and potential retail outlets.

6. Myer Grace Bros. Store catchment area definition and commodity spending modelling

7. Gateway Computers. Analysis of the computer retail industry in Australia and development of a strategic retail plan


Journal Articles

Ponton, W. P. and Cooper B. J. 1994 `Accountants as change managers: Can education meet the challenge?' Irish Accounting Association Journal March 1994

Academic Conference Papers

1. International Accounting Diversity: The problem from the perspective of International Financial Analysts, Fourth Annual Conference of Accounting Academics, Hong Kong, April 1992.

2. Commentary on the Mathews Report on the review of the Accounting Discipline in Higher Education, Symposium on Accounting Education in Malaysia: Towards 2 000, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Alor Setar, June 1992. (with K Adams)

3. Harmonisation and standardisation of Accounting Diversity: An Examination of the Literature, Fourth Asia Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues Dunedin November 1993

4. Accountants as change managers: can education meet the challenge, Sixth Annual Conference, The Irish Accounting and Finance Association, University College Dublin April 1993. (with B Cooper)

5. Accountants as change managers: can education meet the challenge, The British Accounting Association National Conference, Glascow April 1993. (with B. Cooper)

6. Accountants as change managers: can education meet the challenge, Third Critical Perspectives on Accounting Symposium, New York April 1993. (with B. Cooper)