23 July 2015

Join the AIESEC team on campus

You’re invited to join a massive community of globally-minded young leaders. Are you in?

Here’s your chance to become a global leader with AIESEC and get ahead of the game.

Currently, AIESEC at RMIT is recruiting and opening up opportunities for students to be part of the team on campus. By joining AIESEC, you’ll be joining an ambitious group of young individuals looking to create powerful experiences for students on campus and create a global impact.

AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run non-profit organization whose primary goal is to develop students on a global scale into responsible and entrepreneurial leaders.

Being a part of AIESEC is like joining a massive community of globally-minded young leaders. People who want to grow their own potential while contributing to something much greater than themselves. They give you immediate responsibilities so you can learn by doing, step outside your comfort zone and experience both success and failures amongst a supportive community. If you’re keen on activating your potential and contributing to a mission that changes the world, then they’re looking for you. They can’t promise you that it’ll be easy but they reckon it sure will be worth it.

Examples of roles range across sales, operations, marketing, finance and talent management.

For more information, go AIESEC RMIT opportunities.

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