14 June 2016

Phased approach to network improvements

The RMIT wired network across the City, Brunswick and Bundoora campus buildings will soon be capable of delivering 20 times the current data handling capacity.

By the end of June, the wired network project will have completed upgrading campus building networks with new infrastructure equipment. It’s the first stage of a 12 month program that’s designed to deliver a premium, state-of-the-art network that can handle the growth in data traffic and devices connecting to the network.

Stage two of the program will be launching shortly to upgrade our data centres. This will significantly improve overall network reliability and continuity of service.

We’re also planning a refit of the wireless network this year that will deliver seamless, cross-campus device roaming.

These improvements all add up to a superior experience and will ensure staff and students have a network that enables them to get on with what they do best.