2014 RMIT Teaching Award winners

Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr Sarah Holdsworth, School of Property, Construction and Project Management
For excellence in the development of graduate attributes that nurture both academic and professional skills and use multidisciplinary, inquiry-based learning and assessment approaches.

Teaching Excellence, Higher Education

College of Business

Mrs Meredith Tharapos, School of Accounting
For sustained excellence in a research informed approach to the provision of a stimulating, supportive and inclusive learning environment, linked to the accounting profession.

College of Design and Social Context

Dr Glenda Mejia, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies
For sustained passion and dedication to teaching Spanish and for empowering and challenging students to learn through student-centred, fun and innovative teaching and learning methods.

College of Science, Engineering and Health

Dr Jeff Shimeta, School of Applied Sciences
For the use of field excursions in environmental science to inspire students and achieve diverse learning and teaching objectives.

Early Career Academic (Higher Education)

Dr Nicky Eshtiaghi, School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering
For significant early-career contribution to fostering student engagement by scaffolding positive student experiences via flexible, industry-connected, sustainable design of course curriculum with embedded new technologies.

Dr Ehsan Gharaie, School of Property, Construction and Project Management
For early career contributions in the discipline of Project Management that successfully inspire students to achieve quality learning outcomes preparing them for future professional practice.

Priority area – High impact strategies for progression, retention and attainment, Higher Education

Dr Konrad Peszynski, School of Business IT and Logistics
For sustained excellence through student-centred teaching that engages students to promote high levels of attainment in the discipline of supply chain management.

Dr Josie Vine, School of Media and Communication
For teaching strategies that impact on progression, retention and attainment in the Journalism Program by inspiring enthusiasm for journalism theory and practice among first-year students.

Teaching Excellence, Vocational Education

Outstanding Teacher / Trainer of the Year Award

Mr Maurice Sheridan, School of Vocational Business Education
For providing students with innovative learning opportunities through the use of rich media, self-tests, immediate feedback, industry based anecdotes and an inclusive teaching style.

Early Career Teacher / Trainer of the Year Award

Mrs Jade Cusworth, School of Vocational Health and Sciences
For creating an inspired and motivated classroom environment by demystifying technical content into easy to understand information to create high morale in the classroom.


Ms Jessie DiBlasi and Ms Janelle Low, School of Media and Communication
For the innovation and successful implementation of the iBelong Photography taster program, alongside their commitment to teaching photography within the School of Media and Communications (VE).

Ms Tina Popa, School of Vocational Business Education
For creating an engaging learning environment to instill enthusiasm in students to study law and mentoring students to obtain practical experience in the legal industry.

Outstanding Training Initiative of the Year Award

Mr Brett Stavenuiter, Mr Anthony Hasell, Ms Katie Crandon, Ms Helen Dougiakis; School of Vocational Business Education
For inspiring student learning through the exploration and use of new business spaces and techniques through work integrated learning that enhances self-employment outcomes for RMIT graduates.


Mr Thomas A. Blair, Ms Anna Galluzzo, Mr David King and Miss Victoria Prior; School of Vocational Engineering
For the delivery of innovative, flexible, sustainable lifelong training that targets industry needs in building and construction.

Ms Fiona Hillary, School of Art
For providing students in Public Art the opportunity to work with real industry partners in the commission of a range of compelling urban projects.

Sessional Staff

Outstanding Sessional Teaching (Higher Education)

Ms Toni Jordan, School of Media and Communication
For commitment to supporting creative writing students to develop their distinctive voice, work at the craft of writing, and find life-long joy in creating stories.

Dr Maggie Pan Williams, School of Accounting
For adding improvements to the accounting curriculum and student learning by modifying learning activities, seeking constant feedback and employing outside business experience and accounting research.

Outstanding Sessional Teaching (Vocational Education)

Ms Lorraine Sandra Rodrigues, School of Education
For excellence in creating an inclusive learning environment and sharing strategies to support students with disabilities by working from a presumption of competence.


Ms Brenda Hughes, School of Vocational Business Education
For continued commitment to student growth and high achievement in Management vocational education through supporting students in the Diploma of Management program.

Programs that Enhance Student Learning

Educational Partnerships and Collaborations with other organisations

Dr Sandy Ng, School of Economics, Finance and Marketing
For a program that involves educational partnerships with Australian Marketing Institute and Cooking on the Bay, and a strategic collaboration with Cancer Council Victoria to provide students with an authentic learning experience.

Flexible Learning and Teaching

Dr Shelley Dorothy Brunt, School of Media and Communication
For embedding flexibility into educational resources, teaching methods and literacy skills to support the diverse needs of students learning about the music industry.


Dr James Baglin, School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences
For encompassing approaches to learning and teaching that afford flexibility in time, place and /or mode of learning.

Mr David Graham, Ms Julie Macpherson and Mr Timothy Wallis; School of Vocational Business Education
For the design and implementation of a fully online Diploma of Logistics program that successfully engages students, supports the achievement of learning outcomes and provides flexibility around how, where and when they learn.

Innovation in Curriculum Learning and Teaching Award

Dr Helen Smith, Office of the Executive Director Vocational Education; Mr Wayne Ellerton, Mr Sebastian La Rocca, Mr Warren James, School of Vocational Engineering; Dr Peter Stasinopoulos, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering; Ms Catherine Ciavarella, Mr Claudio Sanzaro, School of Architecture and Design; Associate Professor Aidyn Mouradov, School of Applied Sciences and Ms Sarah Jones, School of Media and Communication
For learning and teaching innovation that is multidisciplinary, cross-sector, research-based and fosters real-world, industry outcomes.

Postgraduate Education

Dr Craig Batty, School of Media and Communication
For enhancing the research training experience and improving the research outcomes of Creative Writing HDR candidates by implementing and leading a community of peer-to-peer learners.

Mr David Fitzgerald, School of Economics, Finance and Marketing
For the design of curricula that enables students to apply their marketing knowledge through the application of innovative frameworks that meet pressing global challenges.

Graduate Learning Outcomes

Dr Sarah Holdsworth, School of Property, Construction and Project Management
For excellence in the delivery of RMIT’s ‘Environmentally Aware and Responsible’ and ‘Work Ready’ graduate attributes in the field of property, construction and project management.