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Session No: 1 (Wednesday)




Stream A 080.06.005 11:00:00 AM

Professor Mohini Singh

85: ëI just saw this on Facebook, I need it nowí: Exploring Small Business use of Facebook

209: A Field-Study of Online Community Participation: Preliminary Findings

242: The Impact of Disaster Typology on Social Media Use by Emergency Services Agencies: The Case of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Stream B 080.10.017 11:00:00 AM

Professor Nilmini Wickramasinghe

20: Designing A Consumer Health 2.0 Application To Analyse The Relationship Between On-Line Social Networks And Health-Related Behaviours

290: A Participatory Information Management Framework for Patient Centred Care of Autism Spectrum Disorder

119: A Multi-faceted Approach to Collaborative Health Information Systems

Stream C 080.09.012 11:00:00 AM

Professor Craig McDonald

140: The Skills Framework for the Information Age as a Means for Investigating Work-Integrated Learning

421: What knowledge is most worthwhile in IS work placements?

141: Fostering informal learning at the workplace through digital platforms and information infrastructures

118: Career outcomes and SFIA as tools to design ICT curriculum

Stream D 080.05.012 11:00:00 AM

Dr Chuan-Hoo Tan

23: Social-psycho Issues of Enterprise Information System Usage among Government Outsource Vendors Comprising Malaysian Small-Medium Enterprises

120: Adoption of Audit Technology in Audit Firms

300: Explicating Performance Impacts of IT Governance and Data Governance in Multi-Business Organisations

Stream E 080.07.009 11:00:00 AM

Dr Zhaohao Sun

170: Extending understanding of IT innovation using innovation theory as an organising framework for future research

348: Aligning Capabilities and Social Media Affordances for Open Innovation in Governments

384: Why Isnít Digital Infrastructure Being Updated?: The Case of IPv6

Stream F 080.08.010 11:00:00 AM

Professor Mark Toleman

426: Possibilities for Paradigm Change: Beliefs and Attitudes of Australian Academic Information Systems Leaders

408: A Framework for Comparing IS Research Paradigms: How Is Design Science Related to Other Research Paradigms?

410: Paying back borrowed meanings: The implications of the metaphor-driven history of IS research for its future

Stream G 080.07.007 11:00:00 AM

Professor Karlheinz Kautz

161: Self-organising Roles in Agile Globally Distributed Teams

77: A Benefits/Challenges Framework for Outsourcing Software Development

95: The Perceived Impact of the Agile Development and Project Management Method Scrum on Information Systems and Software Development Productivity

Stream H 080.09.006 11:00:00 AM

Associate Professor Helen Hasan


165: The role of diverse knowledge in creating knowledge within industry networks ¨¨ñA study in the Victorian biotechnology industry

162: The Genealogy of Knowledge: Introducing a tool and method for tracing the social construction of knowledge on Wikipedia

Session No: 2 (Wednesday)




Stream A 080.06.005 01:30:00 PM

Prof Matthew Warren

346: Enhancing Enterprise Social Network Use: A Control Theory Study

195: Employment Seeking Under Consideration of Social Capital on Social Network Sites

278: Exploring the Social Networks of Online Investors

Stream B 080.10.017 01:30:00 PM

Dr Lemai Nguyen

154: An Empirical Study to Determine Factors That Motivate and Limit The Implementation Of ICT In Healthcare Environments

382: Enhancing Automated Decision Support across Medical and Oral Health Domains with Semantic Web Technologies

143: Analysis of Research in Adoption of Assistive Technologies for Aged Care

Stream C 080.09.012 01:30:00 PM

Dr Christopher Cheong

80: A Model for Measuring Knowledge Constructions of Students in Online Discussions

151: An Exploratory Study of Personal Reflection and Collaboration Skills using Online Collaborative Tool in Project-Based Learning

194: Investigating the Enabling Role of Web 2.0 Technology for Interactive E-learning in Australia

Stream D 080.05.012 01:30:00 PM

Dr Say Yen Teoh

321: Method for Business Process Management System Selection

355: Service-Oriented Architecture Integration Within Enterprise Architecture: A-Priori Model

296: Overcoming integration challenges in organisations with operational technology

Stream E 080.07.009 01:30:00 PM

Dr Giselle Rampersad

6: Innovation in the digital economy: The impact of high-speed broadband on innovating SMEs

292: Disruptive Innovation of Mobile Communication Apps

44: Exploring Enterprise Strategic Orientation and Radical Innovation Success

Stream F 080.08.010 01:30:00 PM

Dr Sophia Duan

47: Disaster Management (DM) Model Transformations Framework

261: Understanding the Impact of Business Functional Areas on the Theory of Multiple Grammar Selection

377: Providing for Perspectives: The Role of Discourse Analysis in Ontology Concept Formulation and Development

Stream G 080.07.007 01:30:00 PM

Dr Mark Freeman

146: The Effects of Perceived Organizational Support and Personality Traits on User Involvement

135: Crossing the Communication Barrier in Global Software Development Projects via Global Software Development Brokers


Stream H 080.09.006 01:30:00 PM

Associate Professor Helen Hasan

327: Understanding the Impact of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation on Knowledge Sharing

229: Development of a Decision Support System for Collective Stock Market Intelligence

110: Knowledge Sources and IT Applications among SMEs: An Empirical Investigation in Saudi Arabia

Session No: 3 (Wednesday)




Stream A 080.06.005 03:30:00 PM

Professor Mohini Singh

402: Understanding social network site consumer engagements

317: Exploring the Use and Benefits of Web 2.0 for Supply Chain Management

247: The Use of Social Media to Gather Qualitative Data: A Case of Government E-Procurement Implementation and Use

Stream B 080.10.017 03:30:00 PM

Dr Lemai Nguyen

354: Mobile Phone Including Smart Phone based Persuasive System Design for controlling Hypertension and Diabetes in Bangladesh

56: Establishing new consulting services in health care organizations: an ANT analysis of patient-centred care

210: CWDM: A Case-based Diabetes Management Web System

Stream C 080.09.012 03:30:00 PM

Dr Christopher Cheong

306: Mobile learning anytime, anywhere: What are our students doing?

237: The Effects of Learnersí Personality Traits on M-Learning

277: Satisfaction of IT Academics with Transnational Education

Stream D 080.05.012 03:30:00 PM

Dr Jenson Goh Chong Leng

260: Transforming Existing Procedural Business Processes into a Constraint-Based Formalism

262: Level of Harmonization and ERP Architecture in Multinational Corporations

280: Post-acquisition IT Integration: The sequential effects in growth-by-acquisition programs

Stream E 080.07.009 03:30:00 PM

Dr Felix Tan

395: Review: Disruptive Innovation and Information Technology ñ Charting a path

319: Starting-up an IT-enabled Disruptive Innovation: A Stage Model

323: Business Modeling Needs Process-Orientation - Framework Development and Testing

Stream F 080.08.010 03:30:00 PM

Dr Caddie Gao

192: On the Conceptualization of Strategic Information Technology Alignment: Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Construct

325: Organisational IS Resilience: a pilot study using Q-methodology

114: Discount Focus Subgroup Method: An innovative form of focus group method used in researching an emerging technology

Stream G 080.07.007 03:30:00 PM

Dr Henry Linger

328: ìYouíve modelled and now what?î - Exploring Determinants of Process Model Re-Use

460: Agile User Experience Design: A Design Science Enquiry

168: Representing Interactional and External Environmental Semantics using Unified Modelling Language (UML)

Stream H 080.09.006 03:30:00 PM

Associate Professor Helen Hasan

263: Teleconsultation Knowledge Sharing in Healthcare: Resource Influences

97: Organizational Knowledge Management Framework: The COMFENALCO Case

166: The role of partner diversity in collaborative knowledge creation ñA study in the Victorian biotechnology industry

Session No: 4 (Thursday)




Stream A 080.06.005 11:00:00 AM

Associate Professor Rosemary Stockdale

22: A Rating Tool for Effective Social Media Policy Development

279: A Technique for Ranking Friendship Closeness in Social Networking Services

167: Analysis of Multiple Technology Preference Behaviour in Using Social Networking Site

Stream B 080.07.009 11:00:00 AM

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen

Dr Armin Stein

4: IT stereotypes in television shows

137: Enabling and Encouraging Greater Diversity in ICT

362: ICT Interventions for Schoolgirls Do Matter! Understanding the Factors Influencing ICT Career Intentions through Partial Least Squares Analysis.

Stream C 080.09.012 11:00:00 AM

Dr Christopher Cheong

75: The Identification of Information Technology Competencies Level among Accounting Practitioners

234: Web Based Robotics Program for Teaching Creativity

132: Using Technical Artefacts in the Development of a Sociotechnical Curriculum for Business Education

Stream D 080.05.012 11:00:00 AM

Professor Felix Tan

259: Development of a Model to Understand How Consultants Manage Conflicts during ERP Change Process: A Dialectic Perspective

157: Towards Connecting Online Interfacing and Internal Core Business Processes

51: Exploring ERP post-implementation modifications and their influence on business process outcomes: a theory driven model

24: Institutionalisation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: An Integrative Framework

Stream E 080.10.013 11:00:00 AM

Dr Atif Ahmad

82: The Development of the Human Aspects of Information Security Questionnaire (HAIS-Q)

15: A Study of Information System Risk Perceptions at a Local Government Organisation

17: Information security: a stakeholder network perspective

Stream F 080.08.010 11:00:00 AM

Dr Dongming Xu

183: From Internal to External: An Integrated Theoretical Framework for Open Innovation

39: The Effects of Firm IT Capabilities on Firm Performance: The Mediating Effects of Process Improvement

155: A Conceptual Framework for Assessing Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) Success in the Current Dynamic Environments

Stream G 080.07.007 11:00:00 AM

Professor Graeme Shanks

Ms Ida Asadi

49: Assessing Quality of Unstructured Data ñ Insights From a Global Imaging Company

396: The Curse of Dimensionality in Data Quality

339: Developing an IS Quality Culture with ISO 9001: Hopefully, a Never Ending Story

Stream H 080.07.006 11:00:00 AM

Dr Mark Freeman

307: Gamification ñ A New Phenomenon in Information Systems Research?

14: From participatory design to co-creation: Using social media to engage youth

178: Is ëcommunityí important for Community Information Systems?

Session No: 5 (Thursday)




Stream A 080.06.005 01:30:00 PM

Associate Professor Rosemary Stockdale

347: Enterprise Social Networks: A Business Model Perspective

213: A conceptual framework of influences on a non-profit GLAM crowdsourcing initiative: A socio-technical perspective

400: Towards a goal-oriented taxonomy for crowdsourcing initiatives

Stream B 080.10.017 01:30:00 PM

Professor Freimut Bodendorf

172: Exploring Information Sharing Problems in Nursing Handover: An Activity Theory Perspective

28: Using IS/IT to Support the Delivery of Chinese Medicine: The Design of a Chinese Medicine Clinic System

293: Development of User Warrant Ontology for Improving Online Health Information Provision

Stream C 080.09.012 01:30:00 PM

Associate Professor Joan Richardson

35: Incorporation of a Research-Led, Problem-Based Learning Task into an AIS Curriculum

383: Adaptive Music Score Trainer for Visually Impaired in Sri Lanka

Stream D 080.05.012 01:30:00 PM

Dr Stan Karanasios

184: The Impact of Intra-Transaction Communication on Customer Purchase Behaviour in E-Commerce Context

43: Towards an Electronic Marketplace for Bricks-and-Mortar Services

Stream E 080.09.006 01:30:00 PM

Dr Atif Ahmad

60: A theoretical model for participation by stakeholders concerned with information security issues in systems development processes

139: Contextual Difference and Intention to Perform Information Security Behaviours Against Malware in a BYOD Environment: a Protection Motivation Theory Approach

394: Towards a Heuristic Model for Usable and Secure Online Banking

Stream F 080.08.010 01:30:00 PM

Dr Caddie Gao

264: A case study of Information and Communication Technology Adoption in Indigenous Households in a rural context: a grounded theory perspective

115: Online Persuasion as Psychological Transition, and The Multifaced Agents of Persuasion: A Personal Construct Theory Perspective

185: How to Retain Consumers: A Trust-Commitment Model

Stream G 080.07.009 01:30:00 PM

Professor Andrew Burton-Jones

329: Routines, Reconfiguration and the Contribution of Business Analytics to Organisational Performance

338: A Student Retention Model: Empirical, Theoretical and Pragmatic Considerations

251: Realising Synergy in Business Analytics Enabled Systems

Stream H 080.07.006 01:30:00 PM

Dr Nick Letch

206: Effects of Source and Content on the Retransmission of Rumor, Information, and Misinformation on Social Media

88: Introducing a Sociomaterial Perspective to Investigate E-learning for Higher Educational Institutions in Developing Countries

336: The Role of IT Governance and Information Infrastructure in the Process of Strategic Alignment

Session No: 6 (Thursday)




Stream A 080.06.005 03:30:00 PM

Professor Mohini Singh

221: A conceptual framework for value co-creation practices in C2C social commerce environment

215: Leveraging Enterprise 2.0 for Knowledge Sharing

188: Understanding the Role of Social Media in Incident/Crisis Communication

Stream B 080.10.017 03:30:00 PM

Professor Nilmini Wickramasinghe

225: A prototypical Skin Cancer Information System

363: Data Quality in Community Health: An Indonesian Study

291: HIT in Australian Hospitals - Evidence of benefits in a systematic review

Stream C 080.09.012 03:30:00 PM

Dr Stan Karanasios

267: Service Quality, Citizen Satisfaction, and Loyalty with Self-Service Delivery Options: A Strategic Imperative for Transforming E-Government Services

269: Understanding Individualsí Intention to Use E-Government Services: Development of an Integrated Model

375: Use of Satisfaction-Satisfaction Matrix (SSM) to Evaluate E-Government Services from the Perspective of Japanese Citizens and Government Service Providers

Stream D 080.09.006 03:30:00 PM

Dr Sean Maynard

287: Assessing Self-Justification as an Antecedent of Noncompliance with Information Security Policies

374: Guilt Proneness as a Mechanism Towards Information Security Policy Compliance

142: Towards an Intelligence-Driven Information Security Risk Management Process for Organisations

Stream E 080.05.012 03:30:00 PM

Dr Kathy Henschke

150: The CIO Role Expectations Instrument: Validation and Model Testing


249: Switching Propensity in Single-Homing and Multi-Homing Cloud Service Relationships

Stream F 080.07.009 03:30:00 PM

Professor Graeme Shanks

Ms Ida Asadi

276: Cost-Aware Business Process Management: A Research Agenda

Stream G 080.07.006 03:30:00 PM

Professor John Campbell

187: Design and Evaluation of a Mobile-based Cultivation Planning Application for empowering Sri Lankan Farmers

152: The role of usersí emotions and associated quality goals on appropriation of systems: two case studies

222: Temporal Aspects of Telework and its Impact on Work-Family Conflict

Session No: 7 (Friday)




Stream A 080.06.005 09:30:00 AM

Dr Konrad Peszynski

350: The Use of Social Media in Government 2.0 Assessed Through the Public Value Lens

356: Methodological implications of Social Media as a research setting for IS healthcare studies: Reflections from an interpretative case study

131: Impacts of Online Reviews on IT-enabled Service Adoption: A Preliminary Evidence from Mobile Data Services

Stream B 080.08.010 09:30:00 AM

Dr Kathy Henschke

358: A Critical Realist Perspective of Enterprise Architecture Evolution: Preliminary Findings

218: Does project governance lead to successful projects?

205: A State Transition Approach to Conceptualising Research: the Project Portfolio Management Domain

Stream C 080.09.006 09:30:00 AM

Professor Shams Rahman

Dr Linda Askenäs

48: Understanding E-procurement Systems Benefits: A Theoretical Model and Some Evidence

297: The Use of Social Media in Public E-procurement: Some Possibilities and Challenges

414: Factors Affecting Radio Frequency Identification Technology Implementation: A Comparative Study of Australian and Chinese Supply Chains

326: Understanding Organisational Use of IT/IS for Demand and Supply Chain Management in a MNC Pharmaceutical Company

Stream D 080.09.012 09:30:00 AM

Dr Carmine Sellitto

367: Creating Value through Virtual Teams: A Current Literature Review

116: Factors Influencing Employees' Intention to Use an Electronic Recordkeeping System: Development of a Valid Survey Instrument

34: Influences and impacts on worker productivity: An exploratory study of Videoconferencing Systems in a Global Professional Services Firm

Stream E 080.07.009 09:30:00 AM

Dr Vanessa Cooper

7: Developing Green IS through translation: The case of an environmental sustainability tool

73: Influences on Attitudes to a Personal Carbon Trading System

274: A Taxonomy of IT Usage to Support the Implementation of Environmental Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Stream F 080.05.012 09:30:00 AM

Dr Ulf Melin

164: Touch screen technology adoption and utilisation by educators in early childhood educational institutions

250: Towards anchoring Usersí Switching to Mobile Banking with Expectancy Theory

2: Deinstitutionalising Existing Technologies to Institutionalise Cloud Infrastructure

Session No: 8 (Friday)




Stream A 080.06.005 11:30:00 AM

Dr Konrad Peszynski

31: Consumer Engagement Perspectives at the Business Social Network Site

Stream B 080.08.010 11:30:00 AM

Dr Zhaohao Sun

121: The Role of Application Portfolio Management in Application Services Outsourcing: Explicating Variations in Application Portfolio Management among Outsourcing Gestalts

171: ITQMM: A New Model for IT Processes

228: How Software Startups Survive: a Model based on Resource-based View and Dynamic Capabilities

Stream C 080.09.006 11:30:00 AM

Professor Shams Rahman

Dr Linda Askenäs

404: Transitional Challenges of Information Flows in Humanitarian Supply Chains

405: Food Product Information: Trusted Sources and Delivery Media

21: Institutionalisation of Enterprise Systems through Organisational Isomorphism

Stream D 080.09.012 11:30:00 AM

Associate Professor Stephen Burgess

340: An Empirical Study of the Influence of Different Organisation Cultures on E-Commerce Adoption Maturity

64: Migration of Legacy Systems in New Public Management ñ the Swedish Rescue Services Incident Reporting System

158: Investigating Training Technologies in the Australian Armed Forces

Stream E 080.07.009 11:30:00 AM

Dr Vanessa Cooper

332: Transforming University Contributions to the Challenges of Environmental Sustainability: A Field Study

341: Green Activity Based Management (ABM) for Organisations

308: Green IT Assimilation: Comparing the Influence of Contextual and Absorptive Capacity Based Models

Stream F 080.05.012 11:30:00 AM

Dr Ulf Melin

314: Crowdsourcing, Cognitive Load, and User Interface Design

211: Are you smart enough for your smart phone? A cognitive load comparison

357: Software as a Service (SaaS) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): The Role of Intermediaries

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