Learning and teaching spaces

RMIT has designed and delivered a broad range of new learning spaces that promote collaborative learning.

In addition to our traditional style classrooms, studios and laboratories we have an exciting variety of new learning spaces across our landscape and we need to ensure that our pedagogical approaches are designed to maximise student learning outcomes and capitalise on the affordances of these spaces. Whatever space you are in, think about possible changes in curriculum design, learning activities, assessment and delivery approaches to enhance collaborative learning and make the best use of that learning environment.

RMIT will continue to invest in the redevelopment of its learning spaces and supporting technologies. Refurbished spaces are being fitted with innovative technologies and specialised furniture to support teaching approaches that foster collaboration, engagement and student-centred learning. Opportunities for integrating students' mobile technologies in the classroom environment are also supported by wireless networking and power/data access. The potential impact and significance of these environments and places of learning activity cannot be underestimated in their contribution to pedagogical practice.

Lecture spaces

Lecture spaces are designed to support didactic approaches for instructors teaching large student cohorts.

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Tutorial spaces

Tutorial spaces enable students to actively work with each other in pairs or small teams on project-based and group learning.

Specialised spaces

Specialised learning spaces allow students to interact in a collaborative and purpose built environment.

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Research and case studies that explore various approaches to the use of learning and teaching spaces.

Resources for learning spaces


Guides and university contacts to assist staff with the effective use of learning and teaching spaces and their technologies.

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Campus maps and space reports

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