27 October 2015

Daniel Balacich, Exchange to West Virginia University, America

The experience Daniel received from studying abroad in at ENSA Toulouse was an "eye-opener", one that he immersed himself in another culture and lifestyle.

“Immersing into another culture and lifestyle was great!”

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Agriculture and Design

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: Toulouse, France

"Travelling overseas was a great eye-opener. I had the chance to experience different sights, cultures, and languages. Before commencing my semester in Toulouse, I traveled with some fellow Aussies to Italy. Even got to see the Pope in Vatican Square!

The experience of studying abroad was different to what I expected. The language barrier was obviously unsettling at first, but immersing into another culture and lifestyle was great.

I have never lived out of home previously, so getting the chance to live alone and cook daily definitely helped me grow up.

The best part of my experience was having my girlfriend join me for Christmas. Spending Xmas day at the Eiffel Tower overlooking Paris was definitely a day I won't soon forget!"

Exchange in Toulouse, France

Image by exchange student Daniel Balacich