Alcohol consumption and drug usage procedure

Intent and objectives

This procedure outlines the management of drugs and alcohol at RMIT University.


This procedure applies to staff members, students, visitors, contractors and volunteers on RMIT premises.


Medications prescribed by a medical health professional, or over-the-counter medications

Procedure steps and actions

Procedure (including key points)


The University will:

  • Ensure that all activities involving alcohol or other drugs comply with relevant legislation.
  • Ensure that Use of alcohol in research follows relevant legislation.
  • Ensure that RMIT does not promote the advertising of liquor as a product.
  • Ensure that RMIT does not promote excessive alcohol consumption in the promotion of events.
  • Ensure that under no circumstances will use of illicit drugs on the university campus or university endorsed activities be accepted.
  • Support staff members, students, visitors, contractors and volunteers to access support of treatment for Alcohol and other drug misuse or dependence, both through university services and external providers.

Head of School,
Property Services.

Staff members, students, visitors, contractors and volunteers will:

  • Ensure that work or study performance is not adversely affected by the use of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Ensure they are fit for duty and personally meet established standards for conduct and safety.
  • If under the influence of alcohol, ensure they do not operate machinery or vehicles or undertake hazardous activities including handling chemicals, using private transport such as driving a car or riding a bike etc.
  • Advise their manager, supervisor, lecturer or teacher if they have concerns than an individual may be adversely affected by alcohol and/or drugs and they feel the individual’s safety or the wider community’s safety is at risk.

In a medical emergency:

  • Contact the local first aid officer, security (ext. 53333) or Ambulance Service (dial 0-000) as appropriate.
  • Contact HR and appropriate manager/supervisor or teacher
  • Follow the’ Hazard and incident reporting, investigation and recording’ procedure

If the safety of the individual or property is at risk:

Contact security (ext. 53333) or the Police (dial 0-000) as appropriate.

staff members, students,
visitors, contractors and

For staff members only, managers/supervisors will:

  • Address any ongoing work performance issues as a result of alcohol or drug usage by following the University’s Managing for performance policy and procedure.
  • Provide opportunities and information for support and assistance through the ‘Employee Assistance Program’.
  • If appropriate, follow the managing threatening or inappropriate behaviour procedure when they become aware of threatening behaviour.
  • Record the incident in accordance with the University’s ‘Health, safety and security’ policy and associated procedures.
  • If appropriate, ensure the affected staff member leaves the workplace for the day by organising a safe transport home for the staff member.

For students only, supervisors, lecturers or teachers will:

  • Contact Student Support Services, when they are concerned about the affect of alcohol or drug usage on a student.

lecturer or teacher

Health and safety representatives will:

  • Consult with line managers and employees in relation to issues associated with alcohol or drugs usage.

Health and safety

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