Vocational Education staff records maintenance procedure


To ensure the ongoing maintenance of Vocational Education staff competencies and qualifications and the recording of these.


All Vocational Education teaching staff.


Professional staff, academic staff, senior executive staff, childcare staff, teachers exclusively teaching VCE, Foundation Studies or Associate Degrees.

Procedure steps and actions




Maintain and update Tertiary qualifications details form (DOC) for VE teachers and document

  • Training and Assessment competencies
  • Vocational competency
  • Qualifications
  • Licences or registration
  • Development, training or education

Attainment of qualifications, competencies, licences or registrations must be documented in the Tertiary qualifications details form (DOC) and original documents must be sighted, copied and sent to Human Resources for recording on the HR system.

Head of School/ or responsible manager, program director or coordinator


  • At the start of the appointment and review/updated as part of the annual work planning and review process for fixed term and continuing staff
  • At the beginning of each semester for casual staff

Supervision arrangements for casual staff unable to meet the requisite training and assessment competencies must be documented in the VE Teacher Supervision Form (PDF). Further details are available in the VE teacher qualifications policy process

At the beginning of each semester for casual staff.

Regular teaching qualification compliance reports will be provided to Heads of School, documenting formal staff qualifications recorded on the HR system.

Human Resouces

Three monthly

Teaching qualification compliance reports should be reviewed, updated and returned to Human Resources with accurate information and evidence to document all current staff qualifications.

Head of School/ responsible program manager

Three monthly

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