Flexible working procedure

Intent and objectives

RMIT recognises the increasing importance of flexible working arrangements in maintaining a diverse and adaptable workforce and will reasonably consider staff requests for flexible working arrangements


Applicable to all fixed-term and continuing staff and casual staff members who have been engaged by RMIT on a regular and systematic basis for a sequence of periods of employment.


There is no provision for 48/52 week employment cycle for senior executive staff, child care staff, TAFE staff and casual staff members.

Procedure steps and actions



1. A staff member requests a change in work arrangement

Staff member completes a change to work arrangement form and provides supporting information and documentation to the manager for approval.

Staff member

2. Seek Approval

The manager considers the request in conjunction with any other relevant information. A written response to the request must be provided to the staff member within 21 days.

The following issues should be taken into account when considering a staff member’s application to participate in such an arrangement:

  • operational requirements and impact on service
  • the nature of the staff member’s work and parental or carer responsibilities
  • impact on the work group and the workload of other staff members
  • any additional costs
  • the flow-on affect of the flexible work arrangement

The manager and staff member are encouraged to discuss the proposed flexible working arrangement and, where possible, reach an agreement that balances all their needs.

Manager/Appropriate Delegated Authority

3a. Approval

  • Manager should discuss request with delegated authority prior to meeting with the staff member.
  • Staff member and manager meet to discuss the request and decide on start and end date for the flexible work arrangement, as well as a reasonable trial period. For example, a flexible working arrangement of 12 month duration should have a 3 month trial period.
  • The approved change to work arrangement form needs to be signed by the manager and the manager’s manager or the delegated authority (in line with the staffing delegations schedule) and forwarded to Human Resources for recording on the HR system.

Manager/Manager’s manager/ Appropriate Delegated Authority

3b. Post approval

  • Inform the staff member regarding approval and details of the new flexible working arrangement. Communicate any changes to co-workers and develop strategies to deal with any workflow changes.
  • Meet regularly with the staff member to review, monitor and evaluate the arrangement and assess how it is operating for all in the workplace.
  • Review the arrangement at the end of the trial period and decide whether the arrangement will continue or if any changes to the arrangement need to be implemented.


3c. Denial of request

Inform the reasons for the decision to the staff member verbally first and consider alternatives that may be possible, then communicate the consideration of alternatives and the decision in writing.

Document and record the reasons surrounding the refusal of the request and send a copy to HR.


4. Termination of flexible work arrangement

The flexible working arrangement must be monitored and reviewed periodically. The flexible working arrangement will end automatically at the predetermined end date (as documented in the change to work arrangement form).

If prior to the end date, the flexible working arrangement is not meeting the satisfaction of either party, feedback needs to be given and the arrangement must be terminated in writing. A reasonable notice period must be given. The manager can seek advice from Human Resources about how to manage any termination of a flexible working arrangement.

A copy of the letter detailing the termination of the flexible working arrangement must be given to the staff member and Human Resources in order to update the records on the HR system.

Staff member/Manager

Renewing the flexible working arrangement

It is the staff member’s responsibility to discuss the option of renewing the flexible working arrangement with the manager prior to the cessation of the flexible working arrangement.

Staff member/Manager

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