Get your RMIT commission paid on time

That's right! It's all part of our effort and commitment to increase productivity and improve our services towards you.

RMIT will be launching a new commission management system for you on the 26th April 2015. The new system will mean a paper-free environment for all of us and will have the following benefits:

  • An electronic workflow from start to finish which means you do not have to issue us with a paper invoice.
  • Your commission for a given semester will be automatically calculated based on your student enrolment data in our admissions management system (iApply), at the end of each semester or every 15 weeks for ELICOS students who enrol at RMIT English Worldwide.
  • You can review your proposed commission for a given semester online at any time.
  • Unless disputed, your commission will automatically be paid two weeks after census date.
    Note: the payment date for Semester 1 2015 will be the 8th May 2015.
  • You can initiate a commission dispute online and track the progress of your dispute.
  • The secure system can only be accessed by an agreed list of financial officers within your office.

Financial Officer(s) information required:

Please provide us with the details of the financial officer(s) within your agency who will require access to the new commission management portal.

You can nominate one person for your global network of offices


You can nominate one person for each of your global network of offices

The nominated staff will be provided with access to the new system, training material to understand workflow, review commission for all students who have commenced through your office effective semester 1 - 2015 including ELICOS students, and dispute commission of your students online.

Tell us who manages commission invoicing in your office