Caitlin Telford

RMIT University student and Warrandyte resident Caitlin Telford is one of the 43 shortlisted artists currently exhibiting at RMIT Gallery in the Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards.

The Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards are on at RMIT Gallery until 23 January.

Winners will be announced by RMIT Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Daine Alcorn, at a special presentation at RMIT Gallery on 20 January from 6 pm – 8 pm.

Caitlin Telford, Makemarkman, 2009. Photo credit: Mark Ashkanasy, RMIT Gallery 2009

Caitlin Telford, Makemarkman, 2009. Photo credit: Mark Ashkanasy, RMIT Gallery 2009.

Ms Telford, who is a Bachelor of Fine Art – Painting student, said her photographic work, ‘Makemarkman’ explores the body's surface intimately and meticulously.

"Utilizing various tools such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, my work comprehensively examines human skin and draws detailed components of its surface to investigate an individual's relationship with physical appearance and public image," she said.

"In this photo, I am exploring skin surfaces, and I am trying to look at why society have got this fascination with skin and making it perfect.

"I have always been interested in wrinkles and bruises and scars and how they are considered ugly, yet we are quite prepared to do other things to our skin to make it more beautiful."

Ms Telford, who won the 2008 RMIT Entrepreneur's Motivation exhibition art prize, said she explored the imprint of sock marks in her work ‘Makemarkman’.

"I am interested in how a fashion impacts on us and we are not aware of it," she said.

"By using a close up examination of sock marks, I am encouraging viewers to look in a different way at what we perceive of as beautiful."

Now in its ninth year, the Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards help RMIT Fine Art students further their careers by assisting their research and production costs.

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