Desktops, laptops and software

Hardware and software for RMIT staff

Desktops, laptops and software

If you’re a staff member at RMIT University, chances are you’ll need a computer to get your job done. And once you’ve got it, you’ll want it installed, maintained and supported – so you can get on with your work.

Our IT team has things covered. We manage the full service lifecycle – from ordering the right computer with the right specs, to installation, set-up, ongoing maintenance and repair. And as our equipment is on a three year lease, we handle the returns and replacement process too.

Conducting research?

No problem. We understand that you might have special requirements and need a high-end, non-standard machine.

Apple Mac® or PC, we’ll ensure your hardware comes with the most current RMIT approved operating system and is pre-loaded with Microsoft Office®. We’ll even try to accommodate any additional software requirements you may have.


Here’s what you get:

  • advice on choosing the most appropriate computer specifications
  • computer ordering service
  • PC installation and set-up - pre-loaded with the most current RMIT Managed Operating Environment (MOE), with Microsoft Windows® and Office®
  • Apple Mac® installation and set-up - pre-loaded with the most current operating system and Microsoft Office® for Mac
  • full support, maintenance, upgrade and repair services
  • end-of-life replacement service
  • pick up co-ordination and recovery activities.

Additional Options

  • the ordering of additional software can be arranged by visiting the GetIT
  • non-standard equipment requests – complete the special request form
  • help with data transfer from your old device.

Please note:

Support for computer equipment acquired outside the standard RMIT procurement process is outside the scope of this service.

Assets that are no longer required will continue to be billed to your business unit until the end of the lease period.


Ready to get on with IT?

For most standard hardware requests, you can expect your order delivery within around ten business days once approved. If you need help with your computer, we’ll aim to get things sorted within one business day. Standard software requests should be fulfilled within three business days.

Order, support and maintenance arrangements may differ for specialist hardware and software requests.