21 October 2015

Help develop a Climate Adaptation Plan

Our Global Cities Research Institute is conducting a student vulnerability survey and they are looking to you for your participation.

The goal of the student vulnerability survey is to identify the challenges you will face on campus in relation to climate change so that the University can prepare and improve student wellbeing in the future.

The institute recognises as with all other Universities, we are exposed to a number of current and future climate risks such as droughts, heatwaves, bushfires, flash flooding and hail storms. By planning for these changing events, we can endeavour to maintain a safe learning environment. These changes should not be viewed as negative given that it also presents an opportunity to engage in staff expertise and student learning experience.

By participating in this survey, your contribution will help in developing a Climate Adaptation Plan for the University. This will include identification of key actions for implementations and a report on the vulnerability of students to climate impacts. It is expected the results from this report will help improve current and future student’s experience and wellbeing.

To participate and for more information, go to Campus Climate Adaptation Planning Survey.

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