Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2012

Summary of projects

Project title

Innovation in learning and teaching – using video lectures to deliver blended learning.

Project leader

Grant Emerson

Project team

  • Tim Morris
  • Julie Wright
  • Yuping Li
  • Angelo Pantalone

Project summary

The needs of today’s students are evolving; as are the ways they seek out information. Delivering academic content online is becoming increasingly prevalent because the majority of students now turn to the Internet when learning about a new topic. This project aimed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the Internet by blending online lectures with face-to-face seminars.

A core element of the project was the conversion of lecture materials from three Fashion & Textiles courses into online video lectures. 12 videos were developed for each course, with the average duration of each video being 15 minutes. The videos cover the core theoretical components of a topic in a concise, visually appealing manner. Supporting content such as international lectures and recommended reading materials was posted next to the video lectures. Online quizzes were used to test student comprehension of materials.

The converted courses were delivered in Semester 2, 2012. Students participating in the courses watched a video lecture and support content each week via the RMIT DLS system. Students then attended face-to-face seminar in which they discussed and applied the theory to case studies via POD techniques enabling peer to peer learning.

The blended learning approach aligns with RMIT’s goals of being Global and Urban. Online content can be shared across campuses and geographies, thereby extending RMIT’s global reach. Online lectures are particularly appealing to students with English as a second language as they can rewind or re-watch the lecture as often as required. Material delivered online means less space required to service greater numbers of students. With urban populations increasing and space at a premium this is in line with RMIT’s goal to be urban in orientation.


The outcomes of the project were as follows:

  • All three courses delivered in an innovative blended learning format during Semester 2, 2012
  • 12 video lectures and secondary learning resources created for MANU2010 Production Management B.
  • 12 video lectures and secondary learning resources created for MKTG1170 Fashion & Textiles Marketing.
  • 12 video lectures and secondary learning resources created for MKTG1249 Fashion & Textiles Retail Management.
  • Lecture videos for all three courses and secondary learning resources uploaded to the RMIT DLS system replacing traditional lectures.
  • Weekly online quizzes created to test student knowledge, comprehension and progress against learning outcomes.
  • Implemented the application of theory to a commercial environment appropriate for seminar delivery to the student
  • Increased engagement of students, enabling peer to peer learning, large student cohorts and facilitating the use of technology in learning.
  • Implemented appropriate assessment tools.

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