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What do I get out of ITAS?

If you are eligible for ITAS, you get:

  • two hours per course (subject) per week (maximum) of tutoring
  • an additional five hours of tutoring for exam preparation.

Who should apply for tutoring?

You should consider ITAS if:

  • you are starting University for the first time
  • your lecturer believes you can benefit from extra tuition
  • you need assistance to achieve a particular level of academic performance.


To be eligible for ITAS, you must be:

  • an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student enrolled in a study program that has already commenced or will commence within one month
  • seeking tuition for courses (subjects) in your study program or seeking skills needed to complete your study program
  • able to demonstrate the likely benefits of the tuition
  • have no other forms of assistance available to you.

How to apply

You can apply for ITAS tutoring by completing and submitting the ITAS Student Application Form.

Please read the application carefully and ensure you include ALL the required information, including:

  • your full name and personal details
  • your student number and RMIT email address
  • your program name and year level
  • your nominated tutor (if you have one)
  • the codes for each of the courses (subjects) you want assistance with.

Note: you will need to submit a new application every semester for new courses (subjects) you undertake.

The easiest way to supply your course codes is by logging into myRMIT and copying and pasting them into your application.

Once you have submitted your application

Make an appointment to see the ITAS Coordinator at the Ngarara Willim Centre to discuss your application and requirements, please email for an appointment.

Processing your application

  • Applications take up to two weeks to process.
  • Applications will be considered on the basis of need as defined in the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Indigenous Education (Targeted Assistance) Act 2000 Program Guidelines 2009-2012 (you can get hard copies of the guidelines from the ITAS Coordinator).
  • Postgraduate students are not usually entitled to ITAS tutoring and will only be provided tutoring in “exceptional circumstances” (contact the ITAS Coordinator for more information).
  • You will be notified via your RMIT email address of the details of the tutor you have been allocated and the conditions for using ITAS.
    • Tutor allocation is at the discretion of the ITAS Coordinator.
    • Only tutors who are on the ITAS register can provide tutoring.

What is ITAS?

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