19 February 2016

IGNITE competition

Build an innovative hexagon Smart M.App that harnesses the power of geospatial technology and win!

The competition

Hexagon Geospatial is running a competition for its new product SMART M.App, where they want you to develop a map application for one of the following categories:

  • Finance – (Analytics, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, Commodities, Investment)
  • Food - (Productivity, Accountability, Agriculture)
  • Safety - (Crowdsourcing, Crime Prevention, Natural Disaster, Education)
  • Infrastructure – (Utilities, Transportation, Communication, Land Management)
  • Health - (Wellness, Treatment, Nutrition)
  • Conservation – (Environment, Natural Resources, Air Quality)

Hexagon Smart M.App is a new cloud application that has been said to revolutionize how the world visualises and interacts with maps and data. It’s more than a map, it’s a dynamic information experience.

The goal of IGNITE is to encourage the development of meaningful and useful applications that use geographic information to help us better understand our dynamic planet. With more useful, targeted applications, we can effectively more the needle on solving mainstream, global issues.

For guidance and hands-on experience with the Hexagon Smart M.App development environment, Hexagon Geospatial will be facilitating a IGNITE session on City campus 11 April from 1.30-6.00pm in Ronald R MacKay Building 56.


  • $100,000 USD First prize
  • $50,000 USD Second prize
  • $25,000 USD Third prize
  • And $5,000 USD for the next top 17 entries
  • Plus, continued revenue from sales of their application.


  • Free IGNITE info session 11 April
  • Submission deadline 1 May
  • Finalists announced at HXGN Live Anaheim (USA) 14 June
  • Finalist build and submit Smart M.apps 24 June to 31 August
  • Judging occurs between 1 September and 1 December
  • Winners announced and prizes distributed between 1 and 15 December.

For more information on the competition or info session, go to Hexagon Geospatial IGNITE.

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