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Google Apps Sync MS Outlook (GASMO)

Your preference may be to continue to use Outlook for email/calendar, and some of the tasks you do may be better suited to using a native mail client like Microsoft Outlook rather than using the Google Apps interface.

If you find yourself needing to do any of the following tasks, you may need to use Microsoft Outlook with your RMIT Google Apps account:

  • Mail merge emails to more than 500 people at a time
  • Search contents of email attachments

If you prefer to use the familiar Outlook interface, you should be aware that not all email client features are compatible with Google Apps.


  • The Google Apps collaboration apps (Drive, Chat, Sites) are not accessible via Outlook. You will need to use a browser to work with these apps.
  • It is not recommended using GASMO with service accounts which are accessed by more than one person. Syncing a single account over several users’ Outlook instances is not reliable.

How do I use Microsoft Outlook with my RMIT Google Apps account?

You can access your RMIT Google Apps account via Microsoft Outlook using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®.

With Google Apps Sync, your mail, contacts, calendar events, tasks, and Outlook notes are stored both in your Google Apps account in the cloud and in Outlook on your computer. Google Apps Sync makes sure data is the same in both places by regularly synchronizing it back and forth.

Because the cloud is accessible from anywhere on the Internet, you can access this information from any computer anywhere - either from Outlook, or by logging in to Google Apps from a web browser.

What's synchronized between Outlook and Google Apps?

Email, calendar events, and contacts are regularly synchronized between Google Apps and Outlook.

Some Outlook data isn’t supported by Google Apps. Either the data isn’t available at all with GASMO, or it's available in Outlook but not in the Google Apps interface.

For more details about what’s been syncd please refer to the Google Help Article.


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