Turnitin: PeerMark

Turnitin’s PeerMark feature gives instructors the option of introducing a student peer assessment component to the curriculum.

Student peer review is an effective way to raise the standard of submitted assignments, increase student feedback, and evaluate the capability of students to review and critique work. The task of providing feedback on the work of others adds a collaborative approach to learning and can expand engagement whilst raising awareness of possible approaches to problem solving.

The instructor controls the format of the student peer assessment so that students can read, review and evaluate one or many assessment submissions made by their fellow students. Additionally, an instructor can choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed, decide if students should be excluded from reviews, or pair students to assign students specific papers to review. Instructors can grade the quality of the peer feedback provided.

Using PeerMark assignments

To create a PeerMark assignment, instructors must first create a base Turnitin paper assignment (that students will use to submit their papers). The PeerMark component may then be applied to this existing base assignment.

Instructors can choose how the papers are distributed to students for review by either manually selecting which paper each student will review, allowing the students to self-select, or automatic distribution by the Turnitin system.

  1. Instructor creates a Turnitin paper assignment
  2. Instructor creates a PeerMark assignment
    • Set the number of papers students will be required to review
    • Create free response and scale questions for students to respond to while reviewing papers
    • Student papers are submitted to the base Turnitin assignment
  3. On the PeerMark assignment start date, students begin writing peer reviews
    • For each assigned paper students write reviews by responding to the free response and scale questions
    • Once the PeerMark assignment due date passes no more reviews can be written, completed, or edited by the author
  4. On the PeerMark assignment post date, reviews of the students’ papers become available for the papers’ authors to view

Good practice

  • Ensure that all students have a shared understanding of the peer review process and are confident in their use of the PeerMark tool as they provide feedback to their peers.
  • Demonstrate how to do a review and what different quality of work looks like.
  • Enhance the students understanding of their own writing by asking them to complete a formal self-review of their own work via PeerMark.
  • Consider using PeerMark for evaluating group work.

User guides

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