Staff survey

Welcome to RMIT's Staff Survey website. Staff Surveys help us understand your experience of working here - so we can see where improvements have been made, and where attention is still required.

A recap…

We conducted our first RMIT Pulse Staff Engagement Survey from 23 May to 16 June 2016. The survey was sent to 40% of RMIT staff. These were randomly selected from staff lists at RMIT University, RMIT Vietnam, RMIT Training and RMIT Europe.

12 questions plus two open ended questions were asked to do an annual health check and see where staff engagement lay in between all staff surveys.


75% of the selected respondents completed the survey (1420 out of the random sample of 1896 staff members from RMIT Group - RMIT Group consists of RMIT University Melbourne, RMIT Training, RMIT Vietnam and RMIT Europe).

Overall the score was lower than 2015. At the RMIT Group level, the average engagement score is 5% less than what it was in 2015 (50% in 2016, and 55% in 2015). This is the average of % favourable responses (i.e. how many staff agreed or strongly agreed to the question) for 8 selected questions (1 question from 8 selected areas). 6 out of the 8 areas have seen decline in % favourable scores. 2 of the areas have seen positive movement since 2015.

The results have been shared with all local area leaders and a number of local area initiatives is in progress - town halls, staff meetings, local action planning sessions and more- to review results and plans to generate ideas to make changes in staff satisfaction and engagement.

The next Pulse Survey will be conducted in 2017.

Any queries about the Staff Survey should be directed to HR Assist at or 9925 0600.