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Non-Subjective Location Investigation

23 May-2 June 2017
Artist: Judy McNicol

Consider that to ‘look’ and to ‘see’ contain vastly different motives. To look is merely to direct one's gaze in a specified direction but to see is to be engaged and to understand.

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Where Stolen Cars go to Die

23 May-2 June 2017
Artist: Aaron Claringbold

I stumbled upon an isolated landscape (as if fashioned with seclusion in mind). The discovery of a particular site – inaccessible and appearing to contain nothing of interest to anyone.

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Being There

23 May-2 June 2017
Artist: Liz Simpson, Zeljko Radic & Leanne Waterhouse

This exhibition investigates the liminal spaces between neglected and maintained spaces within the greater region of Melbourne. As a collective we are interested in issues of public versus private space and the ongoing battles of ecological responsibilities.

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