15 June 2010

Protocols for moving IT equipment

Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for overseeing the management and maintenance of all IT equipment throughout the University.

This includes:

Computers (desktop/notebooks, PC/Mac)

Telephone handsets

Multi-functional devices including printers

Audio visual equipment.

An asset database is maintained which tracks a variety of information about each piece of IT equipment. It is extremely important this database is kept up-to-date so ITS is able to locate each asset at the end of its lease.

Accordingly, if you need to relocate IT equipment, please call the IT Helpdesk before you do so. It is also very easy to disrupt the IT network if equipment, including VoIP handsets, is relocated and connected incorrectly.

Please note: ITS requires a lead time of two business days to process up to five computer moves and five business days for anything greater.

[Source: Dr April Weiss, Deputy Director, Quality Assurance Services, Information Technology Services]

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