Personal threat

Armed intruder checklist (PDF 71.86kb 2p)

If you are suspicious of the behaviour of any person/s notify the Police on "0-000

If confronted

  • Try to remain calm or appear to be calm.
  • Don't make any sudden movement or take any action to excite intruder/s.
  • Be courteous, converse with and answer questions asked by the intruder/s.
  • Obey all instructions given by the intruders.
  • Hand over valuables - cash - drugs - on request.
  • Take a mental note of:

    • Gender
    • Age
    • Height
    • Build
    • Weight
    • Colour of hair
    • Colour of eyes
    • Unusual mannerisms
    • Every movement intruder makes
    • Scars or other markings
    • Complexion
    • Speech
    • Weapons carried
    • Dress - Shoes - Gloves
    • Language
    • Impediments
    • Items touched by intruder
    • Carry bags

When intruders have departed

  • Ring Police on "000"
  • Alert Security on 9925-3333 to assist
  • Complete Offender Details Checklist. DO NOT discuss your version with others
  • Remain in same location

Emergency control organisation member or senior person present

When notified of emergency:

  • Ensure Police are notified
  • Notify Security
  • Ensure anyone injured is attended to.
  • Stop unauthorised entry to incident location.
  • Ensure no item in vicinity is touched or moved.
  • Request witnesses to remain at the scene. Stay with casualties or distressed persons if required.
  • Ensure Offender Details Checklist is individually and independently completed by those involved in the incident.
  • Await arrival of police.