Staff view of myRMIT

Get a sense of what students experience when they log in to the student portal: myRMIT.

The staff view of myRMIT has been created using a mix of indicative (dummy) information and live RMIT announcements to give staff a sense of what students see in the student portal.

Access the staff view by logging in to myRMIT with your RMIT network ID (e-number) and password.

Points of difference

The staff view of myRMIT:

  • is a representation, not an exact replica, of myRMIT as experienced by a typical higher education student studying in Melbourne
  • displays all current RMIT announcements – there is no segmentation by cohort.
  • does not include live links to applications and systems.

Visit About myRMIT for more information about the various student views of myRMIT.

Suggest a new feature

If there is a feature you would like to see included in the staff view of myRMIT, please email for consideration by the development team.