14 June 2013

Blackboard access for Semester 2 classes

Information Technology Services has scheduled the next Blackboard Rollover for Blackboard shells with Semester / Term 2 classes for Saturday 15 June 2013. Blackboard Rollover is when all relevant classes for Programs are transferred in the system from one semester to the next. This ensures all relevant course material will be accessible in Semester / Term 2 for students.

As a result of this work, the Semester / Term 1 Blackboard Shells and their content will be copied to Semester / Term 2 and available for configuration by Learning Hub Administrators and teaching staff wishing to commence content management activities for Semester / Term 2.

Please note that your Learning Hub links will be available from Monday 24 June. 

Between Saturday 15 June until Monday 24 June early access is available via the Programs and Courses list.  Please refer to this document for further information. 

If you have any queries about this process or are unable to access your course shell/s, please contact the IT Service Desk.