Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Development of Improved Content and Delivery for IT Trainees and Cadets

Project Leaders

Michelle Edwards

Project Summary

The project aimed to improve the online content in Blackboard for the Certificate IV in IT students, both Cadets and Trainees. The previous content was outdated and did not provide a satisfactory e-learning experience for students.

The learning model involved the clustering of courses into meaningful integrated knowledge areas to reduce the workload on students and create more contextualised content and assessment. The model utilised integration and holistic learning approaches to achieve these results.


  • Development of the learning model
  • Building the sites
  • Developing content (clustering of competencies, integration of content)
  • Building learning activities, communication, multimedia and assessment
  • The project team have developed their skills in curriculum and teaching innovation through the experience.

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