Steps to take

Outlined below are the suggested steps you should take to seek resolution of problems. If at any stage you require assistance about how to resolve a matter you can contact the Academic Registrar's Group for advice.

Step 1: Speak to a staff member

For all concerns relating to the delivery of academic, administrative or support services, you should speak initially with the staff member responsible for the relevant area/issue (e.g. lecturer, course coordinator, program director).

This can be done informally in person or in writing. Problems and issues are often resolved quickly at this stage.

Step 2: Speak to a student complaints liaison officer (SCLO)

You can seek advice and support from the relevant SCLO in your school or college if:

  • it is inappropriate to discuss the matter with the relevant staff member
  • you are unable to come to an appropriate resolution at the initial stage.

Step 3: Lodge a formal complaint with the Office of the Academic Registrar

If you believe that the response provided by the school or college is not reasonable, you may wish to seek a review of the outcome by contacting the Academic Registrar's Group in writing outlining the reasons you are seeking further consideration.

You may submit a complaint by email, fax, letter or in person.

Seeking a review

If at the end of this process a satisfactory resolution is not reached you can contact the RMIT Ombuds for a further review.